Patrice Laffont is already leaving “TPMP” (C8)!

Patrice Laffont is already leaving

The host will no longer return to Cyril Hanouna’s talk show.

It was one of the back-to-school events of “Do not touch My TV” sure C8 : the arrival of Patrice Laffont in the team of columnists.

The game producer “Numbers & lettersWas there in September, but we only saw it in a few issues. And to tell the truth, we could tell that he was not really at ease.

Guest of webTV, Non Stop People, he explains: “It’s the story of a bad marriage. When Hanouna wanted me to come, he messed up, the choice he made was not the right one, like me, I messed with having accepted. (…) I myself did not feel at all comfortable, that’s not my guideline …»

An experience at Cyril Hanouna who won’t let him baba… “He offered me a role that was a bit different from what other columnists do and it didn’t turn out that way.», He adds. “Besides, I don’t like competitiveness, everyone is getting out of hand, it’s not cool. Well, it’s not for me.»

No resentment between the old man of the TV and the “Little Prince of the PAF”. “The little that I did, I did not keep a good memory. Maybe if I had done several shows … But hey, he didn’t call me back. It’s okay, it’s part of his character. I don’t have any resentment at all against Cyril, and I hope he doesn’t have any against me», He concludes.

Like every season, Hanouna tries to renew her parterre of columnists at the beginning of the year, and like every season, the mayonnaise is difficult to take. The program managers don’t have to worry too much about their place in the program!


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