Paulo Gustavo recalls hospitalization of his son in CTI

Paulo Gustavo recalls hospitalization of his son in CTI

He also thanked presenter Angélica for support

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He also thanked presenter Angélica for support

Paulo Gustavo, what is there That simple this Saturday, the 17th, she took advantage of the chat with Angélica behind the scenes of the attraction to thank the presenter for her support in delicate moments of her life, such as when one of your children he was admitted to a CTI:

You were very important in my process when we started having a child. I was super excited to help you, I wanted to thank you here on your program for everyone to hear. You were super important to me, it’s nice for people to know. Thanks for everything! For all the calls I made and you answered me with affectionsaid the actor.

Paulo also remembered when he met the presenter, saying that the professional relationship became a great friendship and the two frequent each other’s houses:

– When two people are real, they meet and the thing is happening very naturally. We met in the programs, in artistic life, and evolved into friendship. She goes to my house, I go to her house. I started to join the family. And I really admire Angélica, who is very hardworking, a strong, empowered woman, she is not accommodated, she is always creating something new. And at the same time, she is able to divide herself into being a mother, with those beautiful and polite children. I think she’s a hit.

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He, who is married to Thales Bretas and both are parents of Romeo and Gael, also spoke about the experience with fatherhood:

– It is a delight to go to work, it is a delight to go home. The house is more colorful, more solar, children bring that energy.

He added, saying that he is afraid of dying:

– Now I’m afraid of dying, I’m afraid of being sick … It can’t happen but nothing in my life because now they’re waiting for me


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