Pay out Christmas bonus early? Trade association reluctant

 Pay out Christmas bonus early? Trade association reluctant

The German trade association has reacted cautiously to suggestions from politicians to bring Christmas bonus payments forward and thus strengthen the retail sector.


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Managing Director Stefan Genth said on Saturday at the request of the German Press Agency: “We welcome all measures that help our inner-city retailers to get through this Corona crisis. An early payment of the Christmas bonus will probably only help the shops in the inner-city Very little scope. Unfortunately, many customers are currently avoiding the shopping spree because they want to meet as few people as possible in Corona times. ”

In addition, the savings rate is currently very high. Many consumers preferred to keep their money together in the face of uncertain future prospects, according to Genth. “For the dealers in need, direct aid payments, such as the state bridging aid, which must definitely be extended, would be more productive.”

The Rhineland-Palatinate CDU parliamentary group leader Christian Baldauf had told the “Bild” newspaper (Saturday): “We have to support retailers now. That’s why I appeal to companies to pay out the Christmas bonus with the October salary.” Then many people would be able to do their Christmas shopping in the next few weeks, and retailers would then “not have to fear a hopefully avoidable second lockdown before Christmas.” Baldauf is the top candidate of the CDU Rhineland-Palatinate for the state elections in 2021.

The SPD member of the Bundestag Florian Post made a similar statement. “That would relax the situation in the shopping areas during the Christmas business and would be a great help for stationary retail,” he said of the early Christmas bonus payments. FDP parliamentary group vice Michael Theurer told the “Bild” newspaper: “Before the whole thing ends up with anonymous online giants, it would be great if the companies that can still pay Christmas bonuses despite Corona prefer it to be paid out.”

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) is planning to extend the bridging aid that has been running until the end of the year for companies that have been particularly hard hit by corona by six months until June 30, 2021.


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