Penultimate placed in Serie B, Cruzeiro visits West lantern to try to alleviate crisis

Penultimate placed in Serie B, Cruzeiro visits West lantern to try to alleviate crisis

© Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro
Sassá has not scored since arriving at Cruzeiro, but believes he will end the fast at Arena Barueri

Not even the most pessimistic fan would imagine seeing the cruise – which has important titles in its history – in a desperate situation in its first year in Brazilian B Series. The 2-1 loss to Sampaio Corrêa, in Mineirão, further shaken the atmosphere in the team, which returns to the field this Sunday, in front of the lantern, Oeste-SP, at 16h, at Arena Barueri, in the duel that involves the last placed of the competition. Only a victory would ease the chaos that the club lives in a moment that should have been reconstruction, after hard days last year.

The Fox enters the field more and more pressed the negative results and the drop in the classification. With Guarani’s victory over CRB 3 to 1, this Saturday, at Brinco de Ouro, Ney Franco’s team fell to 19th place, with 11 points from 14 games – 40.5%. The miners started the competition with six points less due to the punishment in FIFA for non-payment of debt of R $ 5.5 million for the loan from midfielder Denílson

To alleviate the crisis, the Fox he chose to leave Belo Horizonte during the week and completed his preparation in Atibaia, which is about 90 kilometers from Barueri. In this way, players and the coaching staff were shielded from possible protests and invasion of members of organized supporters at Foxhole II, as it happened earlier in the week.

“In the last few games, unfortunately we have not won. But we have to keep working and trusting that things will work out. We train well and have a very important game. We hope to have a great game and come out with three points. We have to believe that things will turn around and work out ”, says striker Sassá, who will start the team for the third straight game, as Marcelo Moreno is serving the Bolivian national team in the South American qualifiers.

Sassá scored last on August 19, when he was still defending Coritiba. Dismissed by the paranaense club after participating in a party with agglomeration in Curitiba, he won another chance in Raposa. “I am physically well and can donate more. I have to strive for the goals to come out again. God willing, I’ll start scoring again on Sunday ”, warns jersey 99, which has a contract with the club until December 2021.

Since Ney Franco’s arrival, Cruzeiro beat Vitória (1-0) and Ponte Preta (3-0), in Mineirão. However, he stumbled against CSA (3 to 1) and Cuiabá, away from home, and against Avaí (1 to 0) and Sampaio (2 to 1), in Belo Horizonte.

With the seesaw of results, the chances of access to the national elite are remote. According to the Probabilities of Football website, of the UFMG Mathematics Department, team would need to take advantage of champion (about 70% of the points disputed to return to Serie A – currently the odds would be 2%.

“We have a quality squad to play Serie B better than we have been up to now. To achieve positive results, we have to play at the level we play against Ponte Preta, ”says Ney Franco, Serie B champion with Coritiba, in 2010, and responsible for Goiás’s access to the elite in 2018.


The coach Ney Franco tested some formations in Cruzeiro in the Saturday morning activity, at the hotel in Atibaia. Although there is mystery about the lineup, the tendency is for the commander to place Rafael Luiz in place of Giovanni, who did not perform well in the setback for Sampaio Corrêa.

The coach even tested the defender Ramon as a midfielder alongside Jadson and Jadsom Silva, making room for the return of Hunting in defense with Manoel. With that, Henrique, Filipe Machado and possibly Arthur Caíke would stay on the bench.

Weight embezzlement

In addition to Marcelo Moreno, Cruzeiro will be absent from left-back Matheus Pereira and defender Paulo, who tested positive for the coronavirus. Right-back Raúl Cáceres, defender Leo, midfielder Jean, midfielders Marco Antônio and Marquinhos Gabriel, and striker Stênio are injured.

Defensive midfielder Ariel Cabral and striker Roberson were left out of the delegation at the option of the coaching staff. The novelties among the squad are midfielder Adriano and striker Welinton.

Disastrous year

Unlike previous years, the Oeste-SP project did not succeed. In a dangerous situation in Serie B of the Brazilian, the red-black was relegated to Serie A-2 of the Paulista Championship recently. The poor results cost the coach Renan Freitas, who, curiously, is the son of the club’s owner and football director, Aparecido Freitas.

Thiago Carpini, recently fired from Guarani, inherited the position, but has not yet managed to get the team out of the relegation zone – there have been five consecutive defeats in the last games. This Sunday, the novelty may be the return of striker Luan, ex-Cruzeiro and América, who was in the medical department. Defensive midfielder Nilton, who was also twice Brazilian champion by Raposa in 2013 and 2014, should remain as a bench option.



Luiz; Éder Sciola, Renan Fonseca, Cartano and Gustavo Salomão; Yuri, Betinho, Marlon, Mazinho and Luan; Welliton

Technical: Thiago Carpini


Fábio; Daniel Guedes, Manoel, Cacá and Giovanni (Rafael Luiz); Henrique (Jadson), Filipe Machado (Ramon); Airton, Régis and Arthur Caíke; Sassá

Technical: Ney Franco

Reason: 15th round of Serie B do Brasileiro

Local: Arena Barueri, in Barueri (SP)

Data: October 11, 2020 (Sunday)

Schedule: 16h

Referee: Alisson Sidnei Furtado (TO)

Assistants: Natal da Silva Ramos Júnior and Fernando Gomes da Silva (TO)

TV: Globe


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