“People who always have something to complain about”


The trip was booked for a long time and the corona pandemic could also be singer Sarah Lombardi (28) do not stop them, together with son Alessio (5) and her boyfriend Julian Büscher (27) to the Maldives to travel. Back in Germany, she not only expected the corona test at the airport, but also dreary autumn weather. But she can still benefit from the beautiful travel memories, like the former DSDS-Star reveals in an interview with “t-online.de”. And here Sarah also expresses the criticism of her child-rearing upbringing, which she repeatedly hits on the net.

Sarah Lombardi

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Sarah Lombardi

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With the perfect swing of the hips into the hearts of the fans, Sarah Lombardi also shows that in our video.

Sarah Lombardi: Sweet moment: She shows up with Alessio in the middle of Julian’s family

Sarah Lombardi is annoyed by critical comments

When asked whether the constant criticism annoys her at some point, she explains clearly: “There are moments when I get upset about it. In the end I don’t understand. These are exactly the people who always have something to complain about. If you see Alessio on my Instagram profile, that’s bad. If I don’t show it, it’s the same. ”

Many followers, says Sarah, would always assume that she would leave Alessio alone if she does not show him. “Of course that’s not true,” she clarifies. And with parenting tips from third parties, it’s always a thing anyway: “If you ask other people for parenting tips, you’ve already lost.” But how can you get advice when you need it?

Sarah’s own mom is the best advisor

The mother of little Alessio, it is Sarah’s son with Ex Pietro Lombardi (28), a very recommendation: “The best thing to do is always ask your mother about something like that. I would advise anyone to do that if you asked me.” But the following is even better: “As a mother, you have to listen to your gut instincts. As a mom you can’t do everything right anyway, but you usually know best yourself what is good for your own child.

So now Sarah will first have to come to terms with autumn – and in an emergency, she can browse through her vacation photos or power out their new single “Zoom” pull when they feel wanderlust. And she is quite sure that this wanderlust will come again. Initially, however, no further vacation is planned, due to the Corona crisis: “You always have to pay attention to the current situation,” she says.

Pure family idyll in the video: Sarah Lombardi takes us to the most beautiful vacation spots – and into the family of her friend Julian.

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