Permanent mute of WhatsApp groups – New feature tested in beta version

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WhatsApp users who are in many chat groups know how annoying it can be when WhatsApp constantly triggers notifications and beeps even though you don’t want to follow the chat process. The option “Mute” is available for this. of groups and contacts, which may soon be provided with an update.


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WhatsApp function with flaws

Thanks to updates, WhatsApp, the most popular messenger service in Germany, is continuously developing, so that it is now much more than just an application for chatting.

Audio and video telephony as well as group chats and emojis have been part of the app’s portfolio for several years. The developers of WhatsApp have only been at odds with one feature, although the demand for this function is very high among users.

We are talking about the mute function, which allows WhatsApp users to mute certain contacts or groups. This feature is available per se, but with restrictions that many users consider unnecessary.

Permanent muting not possible

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If you mute a group or person, the messages still arrive at the recipient, but without WhatsApp giving notification or the smartphone vibrating. In this way, the user can devote himself to annoying chats when he feels like it. A basically banal function, but one that is very essential for many consumers.

Anyone who is in many WhatsApp groups will be able to understand the need for this feature. As already mentioned, WhatsApp does have a mute function, but the possibility of permanent mute is missed. If you click on the mute option in the settings of a personal chat or in the group settings, you currently have the option to mute the conversation for either eight hours, a week or a year.

After the selected period has expired, the muting is automatically canceled without further notice and the user must deactivate the signal tones for all chats and groups again.

Beta version has longed for feature

This dilemma could be solved in no time with a simple update and yet the company behind WhatsApp, Facebook, did not seem to consider it necessary to implement this longed-for feature.

However, as the tech portal WABetaInfo recently announced in a report, permanent mute should be possible in beta versions (Android) and (iOS). Accordingly, the option to mute the chat for a year was given an “Always”. – so always?? – exchanged.

At what point in time this option can also be expected in regular WhatsApp cannot yet be reliably predicted. Beta updates can sometimes even be months in coming and may even be discarded.

Nevertheless, in view of the small but subtle influence of the revised mute feature, it can be assumed that this will also be available to the general public in the relatively foreseeable future. Henry Ely / editors


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