Peru, with the highest death rate from coronavirus, breaks a new record

Peru, with the highest death rate from coronavirus, breaks a new record

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Peru has the highest number of deaths per capita in the world from the new coronavirus, thus breaking another regrettable record by becoming the first country to register more than 100 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

The country of 33 million inhabitants reported 33,577 confirmed deaths for COVID-19 through Thursday. With 105 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins UniversityPeru leads the world in the mortality metric ahead of Belgium with 90, and followed by Bolivia and Brazil with rates of 74 and 73 respectively.

Still, after infecting about a third of the population of Peru, according to government estimates, the virus outbreak has decreased in recent weeks. Daily deaths for the past five days averaged 68 on Thursday, compared with 115 a month earlier and more than 200 for much of August, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 has more than halved since mid-August.

33% of Peru’s population would have covid antibodies

This week, the Ministry of Health stopped the use of three drugs to treat hospitalized COVID-19 patients after a study found that in some cases it increased the risk of death by 84%.

Peru restarted international flights to some countries in South America this month and plans to reopen its iconic archaeological site of Macchu Picchu and other tourist attractions in November.

Unofficial estimates place the number of deaths in Peru at more than double the official count. Confirmed and presumed deaths attributable to the virus are approximately 77,400, epidemiologist César Cárcamo, a government advisor on the pandemic, told La República newspaper on October 9.


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