Perugia-Assisi, a human chain for peace

Perugia-Assisi, a human chain for peace

Standing two meters apart, with the mask and the peace flag on his shoulders. Symbolically linked by a thread, the approximately 2500 participants, especially young people, gave rise to the “Human Chain of Peace” in Perugia, Assisi and Santa Maria degli Angeli, which due to the health emergency takes the place of the traditional march that it takes place every year between Perugia and Assisi, conceived in 1961 by the philosopher of nonviolence Aldo Capitini.

What led to the realization of the event was “a hard path”, for Flavio Lotti, coordinator of the committee promoting the march. “The path of peace is insidious – he added referring to the organizational difficulties in times of Covid – but I am happy to see so many people so respectful of the rules together and determined to make peace, to build new relationships of solidarity and collaboration, to take care of each other every day. Each of us counts for little, but together we have immense value “.


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