Petra Mattar sensualizes and boasts top butt in a thong photo

Petra Mattar sensualizes and boasts top butt in a thong photo

Influencer left curves on display on the web

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Petra, daughter of Maurício Mattar, used his Instagram profile on Thursday (15) to share with his followers another one of his sexy clicks. This time, the influencer posed with a white T-shirt and exhibited the butt in a black thong.

“Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos and sometimes the most critical people you meet go to church on Sundays,” Petra wrote in English in the caption.

In a matter of minutes, the post generated a series of comments. “Goddess”, praised an internet user. “Wonderful”, praised another. “Full of evil,” joked a third.

Recently, Petra published another click with the same look. Lying on a bed, she sensualized and said, “It must be awful to sleep without me.”

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