Petraglia controversies in social network and generates conflict with Athletico fans

Petraglia controversies in social network and generates conflict with Athletico fans

For the seventeenth round of the Brazilian championship, The Athletico once again failed to win and drew with Atlético-GO in 1 to 1. Furacão came out behind the scoreboard, but Léo Cittadini ended up scoring in the second stage, giving final numbers to the game. The result leaves the club in the relegation zone, in the seventeenth place, with 16 points added.

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The score is the same as Bahia’s, the first team outside Z4, but Rubro-Negro ends up losing in the tiebreaker criteria. The campaign in the tournament is not favorable and there is criticism from fans on social networks. In 16 participations in the field, there were four wins, four draws and eight losses. In the next round, the team will face Grêmio, on Sunday (25), at 18h15, at home.

Faced with the big questions from the fans, the president of Rubro-Negro, Mário Celso Petraglia, decided to manifest himself through Twitter and stirred the social network. In the conversation, the leader contested the opinion that he transformed a neighborhood team, before his administration, into a Brazilian champion on two occasions, referring to the Copa Sul-America in 2018 and the Copa do Brasil in 2019.

“Guys, spare me, I have no more to give, my competence is at this limit, the transformation of a neighborhood team into a Brazilian champion twice! Patience, selfishness and ingratitude are part of the poor in spirit! I have said and repeated : “Time is the lord of reason” !, fired Petraglia on Saturday night (17).

Also on Twitter, the president was asked about the crowd and once again he answered, stressing its importance for the club’s winning phase: “Cheerleader? What did they not only piss off? Nothing! Don’t make me regret what I did for this neighborhood team that in 70 years trained in the square in front of the beautiful lowlands!”, finished.


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