PF sees corruption and says that Chico Rodrigues interfered in dismissal in RR Health

PF sees corruption and says that Chico Rodrigues interfered in dismissal in RR Health

The investigation that led the Federal Police to find money hidden in the senator’s underwear Rodrigues boy (DEM-RR) points out that the former deputy leader of the Government in the Senate directly influenced the management of Health in Roraima.

Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR) in an interview with journalists

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Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR) in an interview with journalists

According to the PF, the senator commanded a scheme for overpricing contracts between companies with which he was connected and the Roraima Health Department. He would also have influenced the resignation of the then head of the portfolio, Allan Garcês, in February this year.

In the decision in which he determined the removal of Chico Rodrigues from the position of senator for 90 days, Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, of the STF (Supreme Federal Court), presented details of the investigation of the PF and CGU (Comptroller General of the Union) on the case . Here is the full decision (238 KB).

The investigation started from a deposition given at the Federal Police headquarters, in Roraima, by 1 civil servant who held the positions of coordinator and director in the General Coordination of Urgency and Emergency of the Roraima Health Department in the first months of 2020.

According to the testimony, there was involvement of congressmen in fraud in the acquisition of rapid test kits to detect covid-19 and irregularities in the process of purchasing air conditioning units for a maternity hospital in Rorainópolis (RR).

The alleged criminal scheme would be operated by allocating amounts of parliamentary amendments to companies hired by the government, appointed by the congressmen themselves, who would act through intermediaries.

The amounts diverted would be destined for actions to combat covid-19 in the State, such as the acquisition of kits for testing covid-19. CGU stated that the State of Roraima received more than R $ 16 million from the federal government to face the pandemic.

The Federal Police identified 4 suspicious hires from the company Quantum Empreendimentos em Saúde related to fighting the pandemic.

The investigation pointed to possible links between Senator Chico Rodrigues and Quantum Empreendimentos em Saúde, since Roger Henrique Pimentel, brother-in-law of his advisor, Samara de Araújo Xaud, is 1 of the company’s partners since February 2020.

According to the PF, the criminal organization would involve “Senator Chico Rodrigues, Quantum Empreendimentos em Saúde, his partner, the senator’s parliamentary advisor (and also the partner’s sister-in-law) and her husband (appointed as the senator’s operator), in addition to the then Secretary of Health and a public servant, all working in task divisions ”.

The server allegedly involved is known as Francisvaldo. The PF found dialogues held between him and the senator in a cell phone application. In these conversations, the senator reassures Francisvaldo about his permanence in the position held at the Health Department.

In a conversation on February 14, Francisvaldo expresses concern about the dismissal of Francisco Monteiro, assistant secretary who, according to the complainant, was “giving full support to your demands”- by the then Secretary of Health, Allan Garcês. The senator simply replies “ok”. On the following day, February 15, Allan Garcês was exonerated and Francisco Monteiro was appointed new Secretary of Health.


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