“Planning and secrecy are also part of this”


The band “Tokio Hotel” landed a worldwide hit in 2005 with the single “Durch den Monsun”. Bill Kaulitz (31) and his twin brother Tom (31) became stars overnight and had a steep career. But success came at a high price. Because the singer’s private life was also monitored around the clock from now on. The singer put in an interview with “t-online.de” confession and admitted that he was not entirely enthusiastic about the interest in his person at the time and explained what measures he had to take.

"Tokio Hotel" star Bill Kaulitz: "This also includes planning and secrecy"

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“Tokio Hotel” star Bill Kaulitz: “This also includes planning and secrecy”

“Tokio Hotel” star Bill Kaulitz: This partner tattoo heats up the rumors of love



Bill only got a new tattoo with a friend this summer. But who is the woman by his side? You can find out more about this in the video below.

Bill Kaulitz: Bill Kaulitz in company



Bill Kaulitz speaks openly about his private life

“Back then, Tokio Hotel was a lifestyle and a way of life,” said the 31-year-old in an interview about the band, who continuously won numerous awards with their songs. Nevertheless, the lavish shows, the international success and the many trips also had their downsides. This could quickly become a stress test.

“That can be shit for you privately. That’s the way it is,” admitted Bill openly in an interview. “I think you have to have a healthy attitude and create your private life. That also includes planning and secrecy.” In the meantime the singer and the band members have got used to this lifestyle. “We grew up with the hustle and bustle and can’t really imagine any other life,” explains Bill.

Bill Kaulitz is grateful to his fans

Although the hype about his person was great, the singer wants his loyal followers do not miss. “The really moving moments with the fans are when you really have the feeling that you have something to contribute to a life,” continues Bill. “That’s the biggest compliment you can get as a musician if you’ve been the soundtrack of a lifetime.”

On the occasion of the 15th birthday of “Durch den Monsun”, the band has released a new recording of their classic song, in which the four musicians who have now grown up review their greatest moments. But they also have a new message with them. “It’s about the world as it is today. We’re all in a mess in 2020. Nevertheless, there is hope that everything will be fine in the end,” said Bill, finishing the interview.

It is not uncommon for Bill to appear again and again in public with a beautiful companion. You can find out which appearance caused speculation in the video below.

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