Police station on the outskirts of Paris is attacked by 40 people with fireworks

Police station on the outskirts of Paris is attacked by 40 people with fireworks

About 40 people attacked a police station located in the suburbs of Paris on Saturday night to Sunday (11) with fireworks, without causing injuries. Two policemen were smoking outside the Champigny-sur-Marne police station when they were surprised by the group. The perpetrators had their faces covered and were armed with iron bars.


The offenders broke the windows of the vehicles and the entrance door of the police station, according to a police source. The two policemen barely had time to enter. Eight mortars were found nearby, according to the Paris Public Security Bureau. The incidents started just before midnight and ended an hour later, without leaving detainees.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin demonstrated his “full support” for the Champigny police and said that these “little criminals”, who “do not impress anyone”, do not discourage the work of security forces against trafficking.

The Alliance police union immediately denounced the attack. “It is time for the government to deal with the violence against the police. Nobody respects the forces of order and the government has unfortunately failed to reverse this trend,” reacted its delegate general, Frédéric Lagache. “What does it take for the government to commit to protecting its security forces?”

Police station has been the target of attacks

This police station, located in the same city where he lived the Brazilian Franciele Alves da Silva, victim of femicide on September 25 this year, was the target of attacks in April, during confinement, or in 2018. Indicted for the murder, Franciele’s husband, also Brazilian, could spend years behind bars.

According to the city’s mayor, Laurent Jeanne, the source of these tensions, in a neighborhood of 10,000 inhabitants plagued by drug trafficking, is unclear. The tension may also stem from, he said, a recent motorcycle accident in the district in which the police were held responsible, without evidence.

Confined youth

In April, this police station, the only one in the municipality with more than 77,000 inhabitants, had already been targeted, to a lesser extent, by firecracker mortar fire. “This time, it was something completely different: they wanted to attack the physical integrity of two policemen,” he said, expressing his “dismay”. This attack comes a few days after two plainclothes policemen were shot in the Paris region.

A series of violent incidents against police officers recently raised the question of insecurity in the French political debate, 18 months before the presidential election. According to a study published in November 2019 by the National Observatory of Crime and Criminal Responses (ONDRP), the French national police identified 12,853 police officers injured in 2018, an increase of almost 16% compared to 2017.

In 11% of cases (compared to 8% in 2017), injuries were made with a weapon (firearm, blade or vehicle).

(With AFP information)


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