Political polarization hits the streets with the war of the statues

Political polarization hits the streets with the war of the statues

They vandalize the statue of Largo Caballero in Madrid: "Murderer, no reds"

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They vandalize the statue of Largo Caballero in Madrid: “Murderer, no reds”

The proximity of the celebration of the day of Hispanidad has moved the Polarization politics to the streets with an unusual war of statues with Madrid and Valladolid as protagonists. In the capital, the statue of the former President of the Government in the Republic, the socialist Francisco Long Knight, located in Nuevos Ministerios, has dawned vandalized this Saturday with the graffiti of ‘Asesino’ and ‘Rojos no’.

The attack comes two weeks after the Madrid City Council, with the votes in favor of Cs, PP and Vox, decided to withdraw the names of Francisco Largo Caballero avenue and Indalecio Prieto boulevard, as well as the plaque in Plaza de Chamberí dedicated to the first, in addition to urging the elimination of the statues erected in Nuevos Ministerios in his memory. It was the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, who made this attack known on her Twitter profile. “Right and far right have used lies and historical manipulations to erase their figure from the street map of Madrid. Now, that disregard for memory crystallizes in vandalism and incivility violence,” he expressed on the social network.

The withdrawal proposal was presented in Cibeles by the spokesman for Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, with the aim of ending any tribute to “sinister characters” such as Largo Caballero and the also socialist minister in the Republic Indalecio Prieto. “Both are exponents of totalitarian anti-democratic criminals who do not deserve recognition on the streets of Madrid,” he said.

The president of the Plenary, Borja Fanjul (PP), justified the support for the elimination of this tribute in the street in article 15 of the Historical Memory Law, which allows administrations to remove shields, plaques or commemorative mentions “of the exaltation of the military uprising, the Civil War or the repression of the dictatorship “. Some arguments that have been corrected by a hundred historians, professors from Spanish and foreign universities, including Paul Preston and José Álvarez Junco, who have made their analysis “available” to the Madrid City Council to stop the change in nomenclature. A study, they argue, “strictly technical” supported “in investigations of accredited solvency among the scientific community.

At the same time, 161 kilometers from the capital, Vox has announced that a group of followers of this party in Valladolid will carry out a night surveillance of the surroundings of the statue dedicated to Cristóbal in this city Colon, to “avoid being vandalized by ultra-left groups, as has happened in recent years every October 12”.

On the occasion of the National Holiday that is commemorated next Monday, Vox has scheduled a series of activities in Valladolid that include the provision of an information table to defend the motion of censure against the Government and the surveillance of the statue on Sunday for the night, which will culminate at seven in the morning with a chocolate.


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