Porfirio will not take a protest today as the “legitimate president” of Morena; accuses violent assault of headquarters

 Porfirio will not take a protest today as the

Porfirio Muñoz Ledo
, still a candidate to lead the presidency of the National Regeneration Movement party (Brunette), canceled this Monday the event where, he promised yesterday, I would protest as the new leader of the party created by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, current President of Mexico.


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Munoz Ledo announced on Sunday that this Monday I would protest as “legitimate president” at 12:00. However, through his Twitter account, the experienced politician announced that he will not do so.

“It happens that the headquarters of the same was taken in a violent assault provoked by the candidate I defeated. I demand the cessation of hostilities and the multimillion-dollar investment in the life of the party, “he wrote, in one more accusation against Deputy Mario Delgado Carillo, his main opponent in this internal contest, and whom he has accused of being financed by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón.

“I ask the militancy of Brunette that he speak out in favor of legality and harmony by all means at his disposal, ”Muñoz Ledo wrote in a second tweet.

According to the first reports, a group of feminist women carried out the symbolic closure of the Morena headquarters, located in Mexico City, where they placed a clothesline with the testimonies of victims of sexual assaults.

In a video that circulates on social networks, you can see a series of red tapes with the legend “danger”, which are placed in a cross on the door of the property. Others tied the bars to nearby trees, with the aim of prohibiting the passage and sticking colored leaves on which the testimonies can be appreciated.

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Yesterday, the also federal legislator named himself “the legitimate president of Morena” in front of his followers.

During his speech at the National Forum of Morena Militants, Muñoz Ledo challenged fellow candidate Marido Delgado to a debate on what the Fourth Transformation is and the direction the party will take.

The federal deputy summoned his supporters to the symbolic inauguration of the Morena presidency; which will be held this Monday at the party’s national headquarters, located on Chihuahua Street in the Roma neighborhood. The candidate assured that he will fight by legal means.

“I am going to assume, as López Obrador said, I am the legitimate president, and legally I am going to fight,” he said.

Regarding the debate, the morenista assured that he will not accept anything if there is no debate between him and Mario Delgado, whom he accused of obsessively spending resources to make himself known and win the electoral contest, although it was not enough.

“That boy [Mario Delgado]He does not know more than to spend money and act as a pastor, ”said Muñoz Ledo.


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