Premiere of Angelica is the target of criticism, praise and has support from Huck. Look!

 Premiere of Angelica is the target of criticism, praise and has support from Huck. Look!

Angélica’s return to Globo’s afternoons was an audience success and won first place in the most commented subjects on Twitter. “Simples Assim”, shown this Saturday (10), at 3 pm, was commented by several famous people such as Grazi Massafera, Claudia Raia and Luciano Huck. Among the comments posted on social networks, the talk show divided opinions. The program gathers sketches with blonde performances, testimonials and reflective pictures about happiness. Stay on top of the repercussions!

‘Simples Assim’ divides opinions at the premiere. Understand!

The debut of “Simples Assim” had audience spikes d 9.0 on TV Globo, leading the programs of TV Aberta. On Twitter, comments from fans took the title to the first place, as well as the name of Angelica. “‘Simples Simples It was perfect. Incredible how Angelica did not rust. What an incredible communicator! Globo knows how to cry without being short. Accept it”, warned one fan and another agreed: “It was a long time since I had seen a program so well done and well produced I can’t believe I cried! ” At the same time, some netizens criticized the performance. “This new program by Angélica is boring and unnecessary. There is nothing simple”, judged one follower and another said: “I am a little agonized by the laziness of these programs”.

Luciano Huck approves ‘Simple as this’ program: ‘Maturity’

Luciano Huck, Angélica’s husband and presenter of ‘Caldeirão’, said he approved the program from the beginning. “Today her new program debuts. It is very gratifying to see the television scene in an uproar, excited fans, anxious viewers, curious press and TV Globo giving the most value to the novelty. ‘Simples Assim’, as it was baptized, is result of a deep cycle of self-knowledge. It mixes learnings, maturity, anxieties, experiences, sufferings and happiness, fears and pleasures of Angélica. All this combined with the competence that TV Globo offers: good heads that add up and materialize competent and creative teams ” , celebrated.

Luciano Huck praises Angélica around TV: ‘Huge pride’

Luciano Huck, in the sequence, also praised his wife, Angelica, for returning to TV. “I saw the ‘Simples Assim’ born up close, as you can imagine. Having ideas is not the most difficult, the most difficult is to get them off the ground. For this reason, and for so many other reasons, I am extremely proud of this mature woman, intelligent, sensitive and beautiful, who did not fall into the traps of an alienated life. On the contrary, Angelica is today, for me, an example of a woman who has her feet firmly fixed on the ground of reality. Much success, my love. and its millions of fans deserve it “, he fired.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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