Prepare yourself for these questions

Prepare yourself for these questions

We take that job interview often as one exam true, but that’s wrong. Of course: there is a kind of “examiner”, but he doesn’t judge us according to ours qualification, about which he already knows exactly, but he judges what kind of person is sitting in front of him – and whether we are well suited for a certain task.

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Businessman in waiting room

Im Internet There is a lot of information circulating about the questions that are often asked in interviews with companies. As is so often the case, it is good to take a closer look. Here we tell you which questions are asked most frequently, how important technical questions are and which questions you should really prepare for. (Read here: Afraid of the new job? This is the best way to deal with it)

Frequently asked interview questions

The questions that come up most frequently in an interview are always the same: Why did you choose this career path? Why did you decide to change jobs? Do you know the company? Why would you want to work here? What are your professional goals? Why should the company hire you? These are just a few of the most frequently asked questionsthat a hiring manager dem Applicants at a Selection interview represents.

“During the interview, the recruiter has to try to understand the candidate, that is, to understand his decisions or the motivations that make him look for a new job. The most frequently asked questions focus on that Ability to motivate and the Future wishes of the candidate. But these questions are only seemingly trivial – and that’s why the answers have to be very precise, natural and also truthful, ”explains Emanuele Franza, Director of JHunters.

The first Tip for applicants – perhaps the most obvious – is: be yourself! If the company has decided to contact a candidate, it is because it has already reviewed their professional history and believes they could match the profile they are looking for.

Most of the interview will be aimed at learning a little more about you – something that you don’t put on your resume: it will most likely be a motivational or aptitude interview aimed at traits like Character, Emotionality, Teamwork, leadership skills or Stressresistenz to investigate. To achieve this, HR professionals can also ask unusual and unconventional questions. So be prepared. (You can read all the articles about careers here)

The most unusual interview questions

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There are no one-size-fits-all rules for interview questions: each company makes its own selection. What is certain is that after a few standard questions, every self-respecting HR manager will try to get the candidate along unusual questions to lure from the reserve. A classic: “What would you say to me if I asked you to work here all night?” Don’t even think for a moment: “I would call my wife right now and tell her not to stay up!” Another very popular question is “What do you think of politicians?” The point here is to see how much self-control you have, so stay calm: “I would think it would be unfair to lump everyone together – even if there are certain problems in this profession.” Answer simple and balanced.

Technical questions in the interview

It is important to be clear and open about your business Education and career path to speak. sincerity always pays off. So never speak ill of your current one or your last one Place of work – even if their negative aspects are yours Job change have pushed. Getting the most out of the role you’re applying for is another point that many people underestimate. A good knowledge of the Branch and des Company will help you conduct the interview more calmly and confidently.

It is also very important to your professional goals to formulate clearly. If you don’t limit yourself to the classic “professional growth”, a candidate can stand out from all the others. Let’s not forget that “grow” is a broad term that can be outlined on both a professional and a personal level. And also detailing the reasons why you believe you are the ideal candidate for the position are, or the precise statement of your Skills can help convince the company.

After the interview, whatever happens, it will be a success

On the way home, remember that an interview does not assess you personally or your worth as a person, but only to what extent an applicant fulfills the requirements of a particular position – or not. So stay calm and smile: even if the interview doesn’t go as you hoped it would, every interview is one valuable experiencethat for your future will be useful – and may also help you better understand what you are really looking for.

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