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The Opel Mokka returns more trendy than ever and ushers in a whole new stylistic era for the brand at the Blitz, as well as an electric variant.

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The Opel Mokka returns more trendy than ever and ushers in a whole new stylistic era for the brand at the Blitz, as well as an electric variant.

(Update 16/10/2020 at 09:48) New Opel Mokka (2021) – Forget everything you know about the Mocha. Even downright on Opels. The new urban SUV brings the brand to the Blitz in a new era of identity, whose own the design is predominant. From memory, we had not seen an Opel exuding so much personality for 30 years, at the launch of the calibra cut.

We will look back on future Opels

What is obvious when discovering the silhouette of the new Opel Mokka is its total break with the previous generation. The newcomer turns his back on the austere lines of the model which was jointly developed with Chevrolet. It seems that the parent company PSA, at the head of the German manufacturer since 2017, gave carte blanche to the designers of Rüsselsheim, with a view to emancipating the brand. Opel clearly undertakes to forge a new image, easily identifiable, and above all dusted off. “The new Mokka is a vehicle to look back on, and it will change the way we perceive our brand” according to Michael Lohscheller, the boss of Opel.

Copy and paste from a concept car

To legitimize this declaration of intent, the new Mokka takes over the style inaugurated by the concept-car GT X Experimental, en 2018. Extremely faithful to the latter, he is the first in a long line to feature the “Vizor” grille which incorporates optics and logo behind an elegant glass band. But the newcomer is also distinguished by its coupe silhouette, in contradiction with the look of his grandfather’s station wagon. More sporty, but no less welcoming, despite the12.5 cm amputation in total length (4.15 m), insofar as the optimization of its architecture makes it possible to offer two millimeters more in wheelbase, while maintaining the volume of 350 l box.

Cousin of the DS3 Crossback

The Opel Mokka cuvée 2021 owes this feat to its modern platform, called CMP, which is the heyday of Peugeot 2008, but especially of DS3 Crossback, his closest cousin at PSA. And it’s no coincidence that the family resemblance is very pronounced with the French SUV, since both will soon share the same production line in Poissy, in Yvelines. Cocorico for the German who also takes the opportunity to move upmarket, compared to the old Mokka X. It is for him stand out from the more popular positioning displayed by the Crossland X, very close in template (4.21 m). This “premiumisation” of the Mokka also aims to compensate for the disappearance of theAdam, which officiated a short time ago in the catalog as a chic city car. By snowball effect, this new Mokka could do well a little more shade at the DS3 Crossback, whose career is struggling to take off.

Refined atmosphere on board

The other cornerstone defining the renewal of the Blitz can be appreciated on board. No more cockpits overloaded with buttons. The atmosphere is at “detoxification” through the digital panel named “Pure Panel” which brings together two screens, one of which 12 ”housed behind the steering wheel, and capable of relaying information related to navigation, when the central screen changes its diagonal from 7 to 10 ”, depending on the version. A great clarity emerges from this interior, in which there are only some intuitive activation keys, essential for essential functions. The air vents are elegantly relegated to the ends of the touchscreen, in the manner of certain Mercedes productions.

Ergonomic chairs

For several years, Opel is recognized for the quality of its seats, certified by the independent organization AGR, which fights against back pain. Different ergonomic seats adjustable on six axes are available, and dressed in Alcantara or full leather. This last type of coating may be accompanied by a heating and massage function driver’s side. When we tell you that the new Mokka has nothing to envy to the DS3 Crossback …

Boosted blitz

Who says CMP platform says electrification for the new Opel Mokka. As there is today a Stroke-e, there will be soon a Mokka-e, using the same type of propulsion. Namely a 100 kW engine (approx. 136 hp) moved by a 50 kWh battery authorizing 322 km of WLTP range. If the top speed is limited to 150 km / h, that of recharging takes 30 min at 80%, via a 100kW DC supercharger. In terms of thermal engines, the Mokka is based on a 3-cylinder petrol available in 100 and 130 hp, as well as on a 110 hp 4-cylinder diesel engine.

A very … LED car

From a safety point of view, the new Opel Mokka is the the first player in its category to offer itself an anti-glare IntelliLux LED matrix lighting, composed of 14 elements. The pocket SUV also welcomes, in its armada, the ACC system whose cruise control, with stop and go function, allows the driver to navigate automatically in traffic jams. In addition, the Active Lane Positioning system automatically keeps the vehicle in the center of its lane, while the traffic sign recognition is also invited on board, just like the 180 ° reversing camera.

Prix ​​Opel Mokka

The new Opel Mokka will arrive in concessions in early 2021, with all types of engines (gasoline, diesel, electric). But it is already possible to order it. The thermal range starts at € 21,300 when the Mokka-e, 100% electric, is exchanged at least against 36 100 €.

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