PSD assumes vice-leadership of candidates for mayor; PSL is the fastest growing

 PSD assumes vice-leadership of candidates for mayor; PSL is the fastest growing

Data from the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) show that the PSD (Social Democratic Party) became in these elections the 2nd party with more candidates for mayors, with 1,626, behind only the MDB, traditional leader, with 1,934.

Former Minister Gilberto Kassab founded and commands the PSD

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Former Minister Gilberto Kassab founded and commands the PSD

There are 258 more candidates for mayor in relation to the 2016 elections. The party that most won new candidates for mayor was the PSL, which went from 151 to 728, an increase of 577 candidates.

In terms of voters in the cities where the city is running, the PT (82.7 million voters) and Psol (64.5 million) lead.

Here is the total list:

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The PSD tries to increase national capillarity in this year’s election, building a stronger base for 2022, in the general elections.

The party already has the 2nd largest Senate bench, with 12 senators –One less than the MDB. In the Chamber, it is the 7th largest, with 33 deputies. He is ahead of traditional parties such as the PSDB and DEM – this one by Rodrigo Maia and Davi Alcolumbre.

Left of the people

The PT is only the 4th with more candidates for city halls in these elections, but it has targeted large centers. Even with almost 700 cities less in dispute in relation to the MDB, the acronym of ex-presidents Dilma and Lula competes for the vote of 82.7 million Brazilians, 27 million more than Michel Temer’s.

The strategy to focus on large cities was also outlined by Psol, which has 351 names in the Executive’s race, but about 64.5 million voters affected.

How was it in 2016

The picture of the 2016 municipal elections, however, indicates that the number of city halls can be a key factor. At the time, the still PMDB had 2,469 candidates for mayor in dispute, winning 1,074 municipalities. He led in both aspects.

The party’s success rate, which was then in charge of Planalto and Congress, was 43.5%, losing to the PSDB, which won 44.6% of the city halls in which it competed.

The largest left-wing acronym in the country, the PT entered the election with the 6th largest contingent of candidates and emerged victorious in less than 1/4 of them (257 out of 1,041).

The performance of Psol, a small party in national proportions, was the worst among those who left the elections with conquered city halls. There were two out of 449 disputed – more than this year.

MDB leads us States

MDB leads the proportional number of candidates in 8 of the 26 states: Acre, Alagoas, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará, Rondônia and Santa Catarina.

PT is in 2nd place, with proportional leadership in 3 states: Bahia, Minas Gerais and Paraná. Another 4 parties head the candidates in two Federation Units.

Here is the complete list:

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