Put senior officials back in line

Put senior officials back in line

In “Les irremovibles de la République”, Chloé Morin plunges us into the twists and turns of this high administration.

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It is the underside of the cards that the political scientist Chloé Morin invites us to discover in her essay devoted to senior administration. The author saw it up close while advising former Prime Ministers Ayrault and Valls. From her experience and sometimes edifying testimonies, she describes these “irremovable” people of the Republic whose faces we do not know and whose power is often greater than that of the ministers. It is the famous “deep state” that Macron has repeatedly ridiculed after having announced that he would put an end to this overpowering of large bodies, starting with Ena.

“Something is not right at the top of the state”

Not just. A school from which he came, like all those – or almost – who surround him. If we dive into the twists and turns of this high administration, Chloé Morin also distinguishes between fantasy and reality, between political weakness and schizophrenia of the French. She rightly dwells on some monumental failures: the shortage of masks to the Mediator scandal. “Something is not right at the top of the state,” she worries.

“The irremovable ones of the Republic”, by Chloé Morin, éd.L’Aube


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