Raid in chocolate factories

Raid in chocolate factories

Shaken up by the virus, the 2020 edition remains to be eaten.

On the menu for this Saturday: a fun and gourmet dive into chocolatey Geneva.

© Yvain Genevay
On the menu for this Saturday: a fun and gourmet dive into chocolatey Geneva.

Sweet treats and puzzles. What better way to occupy an autumn Saturday? Luckily, the Chocolate Rally is back, sixth of its name, which offers a gourmet and fun ride among ten Geneva confectioners. From B like the Bonbonnière to W like Wolfisberg.

Obviously, the pandemic heckled a well-established concept. “We have thought a lot about how to avoid crowds,” announces Lise Luka, organizer of the event. “This year, there will therefore be a digital aspect. By acquiring their passport and box of chocolates, people will receive a password that will allow them to watch videos of the chocolatiers explaining their creation. ”

You can therefore eat chocolates created for the occasion without leaving your living room. But that would be a shame. Because it is a rally in question. And rally there will be. “All day long, people can walk around town. Tents will be pitched near each chocolate maker. This is where we will have to collect the words of the mystery phrase, ”continues Lise Luka.

As usual, a raffle will win cocoa gifts. The public, meanwhile, will elect their favorite craftsman. It’s Saturday 17th that it happens. We register on the web until midnight Friday; then at the Salle de la Madeleine the same day. And may Saint-Choc be with you!


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