Rally in Bern calls for evacuation of refugee camps

Rally in Bern calls for evacuation of refugee camps

© Therese Hänni, Keystone-SDA

Hundreds of people demonstrated on Saturday afternoon in Federal Square in Bern to call for the evacuation of the refugee camps on the borders of the European Union. One of the demands was for Switzerland to welcome more refugees.

The slogan “We have room” was written on banners and flags, noted a reporter from Keystone-ATS on the spot. The demonstrators demanded that “privileged” Switzerland not look away from the “inhuman” conditions in which refugees have to live in camps like the one in Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos.

By adopting a motion, the Federal Assembly asked the Federal Council to welcome refugees hosted in Greece, according to the organizers of the demonstration. In a statement, they regret that Switzerland has “hardly done anything”, even after the fire in the Moria camp in early September.

They denounce the use of taxpayer dollars to build a second camp on a military firing range. The living conditions there are even worse, according to the demonstrators.

At around 4.30 p.m., the participants symbolically launched 600 paper planes in the direction of the Federal Palace.

Evoked routes

During this authorized event in Bern, some people shared their experiences in exile. The protest was organized by 132 organizations, including Amnesty International.

The demonstrators occupied a good half of Federal Square. They wore masks.


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