Rapisarda and the bombs against Nadur

Rapisarda and the bombs against Nadur

Rapisarda, along with Tinelli, Russo, Blanco and Tapia (Marcelo Carroll).

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Rapisarda, along with Tinelli, Russo, Blanco and Tapia (Marcelo Carroll).

The sink enters Velez Y Hurricane grew a lot in recent years and in these days of definition regarding the organization of the Professional League it was even more evident. In the fight for which club he was going to join the hype of the seeds he left large wounds and tail blows. So much anger that even the friendly that was to be played between both teams this Saturday was suspended. In that hot context, Sergio Rapisarda, president of the de Liniers, dropped a can of gasoline on the fire and fired at Alexander Nadur, his pair of the Globe.

It was a bummer, an adolescent act, to call his coach (Israel Damonte) to suspend the friendliesor. Knowing that his team and ours need filming and that this was scheduled. Behind it there was an expectation, the TV, the referees, thirty players … it is a shame and I let him know. I told him to reverse the situation and he said no. You will have had a psychotic break. But hey. The coach also apologized because he was directed by Pellegrino when he played in Estudiantes, “he threw the boss in Vélez 670. Durísimo.

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The conflict did not remain between the parties, but the rest of the Argentine soccer leadership also ended up being part of it. According to Rapisarda, it is a dispute that not only involves the discussion about how the national championships are counted, but also about money from TV revenues. “That was clear and we explained it. It is very good how the League is being managed. The president of Huracán knew this. They said that we should not charge what we charge from television for sports career, which is an important income. Already there he said that it could not be that Hurricane did not charge what Vélez charged. It is a problem that has come a long time. It is not a lobby of anyone. Hurricane has that problem with Velez. It happened again and the people of the (Executive) Committee told him ‘look, they have a championship and unfortunately many years in the Ascent … Vélez has ten championships’. That hype was made for the national championships. What’s more, the fifth is Velez because he has ten and Racing nine. The club won it from end to end and for a while now. It is not because we have a good relationship with AFA or the League. Anyone knows it “, explained the president of the Liniers.

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The history of the Globe boasts five league titles and eight national cups and it takes hold of there to claim its place in the ciborium of the seeds (Racing, in that reading, adds 13 local titles and 18 cups). The issue is already closed, but the wounds remain open. And it seems that they will continue to bleed a little while longer …


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