Razo Tangassi highlights the importance of Mindfulness

Razo Tangassi highlights the importance of Mindfulness

The Mexican entrepreneur Javier Razo Tangassi spoke about the importance of Mindfulness, an ancient discipline that translates as “mindfulness”, which refers to being completely attentive and aware of the present moment.

An ancient discipline that translates as

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An ancient discipline that translates as “mindfulness.” (Special)

“Mindfulness serves not only for relaxation, but also improves concentration and attention skills, reduces stress, fights anxiety, improves our emotional awareness, regulates appetite and promotes sleep, it is a discipline that breaks mental dispersion , since the mind is always wandering in everything except what it should, the here and now, “he commented.

In 2016, an exercise was carried out in the Apodaca prison, where the most dangerous inmates in the state of Nuevo León are concentrated. 720 inmates participated in this program, 75% of the custodians and 50% of the administrative staff; the result of the implementation of mindfulness is that violence among inmates decreased considerably.

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Razo Tangassi has been involved in an important way regarding everything that has to do with meditation and positive growth of the mind and shares it in free sessions through his Instagram account.

“This discipline has helped humanity since ancient times to dominate the mind, since it can usually dominate us without our realizing it, causing anguish and anxieties that we do not need. Remember that the brain is the worst master and the best slave at the same time ”, he declared.


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