reached $ 390 in Chicago

reached $ 390 in Chicago

- FTP CLARIN soybean and corn field garcia47.jpg Z GarciaJJ Garcia-Rosario

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– FTP CLARIN soybean and corn field garcia47.jpg Z GarciaJJ Garcia-Rosario

Oilseed futures ended Thursday with increases in their prices, marking the third consecutive increase since Monday’s sharp decline.

This Thursday the oilseed closed at 390 dollars per ton after gaining 2.2 dollars in relation to the previous day and is close to the price of Friday that after the report of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) climbed to 391.5 dollars, the highest for two years and means, medium.

This increase was driven by significant demand from China, although in this case opposed by the advance of the harvest in the United States and la slight improvement in rainfall in Brazil. ANDhe Asian country bought more than 261,000 tons today, according to USDA information.

In addition, private analysts project soybean stocks in the United States for next year at historic lows, which could generate expectations of even greater increases in the prices of the oilseed.

Likewise, corn contracts adjusted higher, driven by active export demand, and wheat futures ended higher, given adverse weather conditions for the cereal in the Black Sea region.

In the local market, the proposed value for available soybeans amounted to 24,400 pesos per ton while in the Matba – ROFEX market, the November20 Soy contract operates at 321.3 dollars per ton.


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