reached new agreement on nuclear disarmament

reached new agreement on nuclear disarmament

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The United States and the Russian Federation have reached an “agreement in principle” to extend the duration of New Start, the nuclear disarmament treaty signed by Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev in 2010 which would end in February 2021.

Successor to the previous Start I, Start II and Sort agreements, the agreement that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have chosen to extend in its duration continues to set the limit of nuclear warheads at 1,550 for both superpowers, and 700 the number of carriers that make up their respective “nuclear triads“- intermediate and intercontinental range ballistic missiles, strategic bombers and missile submarines – deployable simultaneously. The news was confirmed by Russian and American news agencies.

“We want to extend the New Start treaty for a certain period, provided they agree to limit, freeze, their nuclear arsenal,” the chief negotiator for the US side reported. Marshall Billingslea. “We believe this is an agreement in principle at the highest level between our two governments,” he continued, handing Donald Trump an ace up his sleeve to play in the presidential elections in November. Yet another success in foreign policy high-level could in fact help the tycoon on which harsh criticism is being struck for the pandemic management of Covid-19 which has ended up seeing the tenant of the White House infected.

The extension of the treaty confirms the judicious line that both superpowers want to pursue together, once again honoring their commitment to nuclear non-proliferation. And and away the specter of those arms races that have marked the entire duration of the Cold War and of which we had returned to fear the specter in the most agitated phases of the diplomatic debate between Washington and Moscow for the breaking of the INF treaty which instead made fear the return of the “Euromissiles”.

According to what was reported in the last week by the Washington Post, the extension of the agreement in question would also add a broader “monitoring system”, which through a greater number of reciprocal inspections would allow to keep an eye on the respective arsenals with the utmost transparency. An important objective, which once again sees the tenants of the White House and that of the Kremlin agree in wanting to play together to limit international tensions and prevent the return of the paranoia that have marked the entire duration of the Cold War.


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