Ready to make a wish? So you can see the incredible Orionid meteor shower

 Ready to make a wish? So you can see the incredible Orionid meteor shower

No doubt the month of October has given us incredible astronomical phenomena; however, one of the most surprising comes next week in the best way. Is about the Orionid Meteor Shower, which will be visible in its maximum splendor during the nights of the next Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 October. For this reason here we tell you how and at what time can you see the fantastic meteorites in the sky night. Are you ready to make a wish?

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Starfall (Shutterstock)

To get ready, look for the place with the least light pollution that you know and locate the constellation of Orion in the sky because there you will have to turn. Get everything ready so you can observe the night sky very carefully.

The Orionid shower is not as active as other similar phenomena; however, it is striking due to the great brightness of its meteors. This phenomenon is caused by the passage of Comet Halley, and these celestial bodies are called orionids because the meteors seem to arise from the constellation Orion.

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When and at what time will the Orionid shower be seen?

According to the National Astronomical Observatory, the Orionids will cross the night sky with greater intensity during the nights of October 21 and 22 and the best time to see them will be at dawn and before dawn on the 22nd and 23rd.

In order to appreciate this shower of stars, it is recommended to look for an area with a dark sky that is far from any light pollution and have the constellation of Orion well located, because that is where you can observe the stars passing through the sky.



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