“Real life rapunzel” hasn’t cut a hair in 15 years

“Real life rapunzel” hasn't cut a hair in 15 years

For 15 years without cutting her hair, Stefanie Classen, 31, has been dubbed the “German rapunzel” in real life. According to the young woman, her hair measures 179 centimeters and the goal is to make it reach 2 meters in length.

To the portal Bored Panda, the woman said that the idea of ​​leaving her hair huge appeared at 16 years old. Since then, she has never touched scissors to her locks again. Currently, the young woman’s hair reaches her ankles.

According to the Guinness Book, since 2004, the woman with the longest hair in the world has been Chinese Xie Qiuping, who at the time was 5.62 meters long and had not cut her locks in 31 years.


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