Regain vaginal strength to have postpartum orgasms

Regain vaginal strength to have postpartum orgasms

At last, your baby is born. After delivery, you will realize that many things have changed, but perhaps one that is shocking is the transformation of your anatomy, but beyond those jeans that tighten you a bit, what happens to your vagina? We tell you how to regain vaginal strength to have orgasms, after having a child.

It is common for the vagina to undergo significant changes after delivery. We tell you how to regain vaginal strength to have orgasms.

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It is common for the vagina to undergo significant changes after delivery. We tell you how to regain vaginal strength to have orgasms.

Tips to have vaginal strength to have orgasms

The vaginal muscles lose elasticity after childbirth and if you do not have the proper care, you will see that with each child, the vaginal distention will be increasing, something that does not depend only on giving birth; sedentary life, age and menopause are other factors that reduce muscle tone, and therefore, the ability to experience orgasms.

Full recovery

The first step is to start Kegel exercises, which can be done without problem a couple of days after delivery. However, the ideal for all women, regardless of their age, whether or not they have had children, whether they have had caesarean sections or have given birth naturally, is to attend a perineal reeducation course.

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Perineal reeducation consists of a series of exercises guided by specialists that monitor the recovery of the perineal muscles. Activities include Kegel exercises, electrostimulation, massage therapy, and the use of sex toys such as Chinese balls (you must hold them only with the strength of your vaginal and perineal muscles). These exercises will help you to have vaginal strength to have orgasms.

These types of courses are taught by teams of specialists from various disciplines: gynecologists, physiotherapists or kinesiologists (specialists in rehabilitating muscles through movement), psychologists or psychiatrists, neurologists and sex therapists.

Miracles exist

The results of the perineal reeducation courses are evident after several months, depending on your discipline and also the response of your own body. Although, advances in medical science can help us tighten and tone the vaginal canal in a short time.

First, consider that to make the decision to have surgery, it is not enough that one good day your partner simply tells you: “You no longer press the same!”. If so, it is best to thank them for participating and finding a partner with more sexual imagination. Why? Mainly because it is a high risk surgery.

Know the vaginal strength to have orgasms by answering the following questions:

  • Since delivery, have you lost the ability to have orgasms or are they less intense?
  • Do you have mild urinary incontinence problems?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should start exercising.

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The procedure to recover the lost tightness is called vaginoplasty, lifting or vaginal tightening; It was invented in 1956 by French gynecologist George Burou, who used it to reassign the gender of men who wanted to become women.

In the 1960s, surgery began to be used in cases of vaginitis or congenital malformations, such as vaginal agenesis –the incomplete development of the vagina–, and until the late 1990s it became cosmetic surgery.

Vaginoplasty can be performed with a scalpel or laser, in both cases, the muscles around the vagina are closed, to make the vaginal walls more narrow. Likewise, the sutures in both cases are made with surgical thread and this one falls off once the healing of the wounds is complete, that is, after approximately one month.

The process lasts just two hours, is carried out under general anesthesia, requires only one day of hospitalization and in seven days, the patient is ready to resume her daily activities, as long as they do not involve high physical effort. Full recovery takes four to eight weeks, however, it is recommended to wait up to twelve to resume sexual life.

Like all cosmetic surgery, the price of it depends on the clinic and the country where it is performed, however, in Mexico and the United States the cost is higher than 52 thousand pesos.

Do I operate the no?

Gynecologists from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist, strongly criticize this procedure, point out that it is an unnecessary surgery, that its benefits can be obtained with exercises to strengthen the perineal area, in addition to its effect is temporary, since with Over time, the vagina stretches again if the muscles are not exercised.

In medical terms, few gynecologists favor this procedure in women who only want to improve their sexual life, since the risks include, in addition to bleeding and infection: temporary numbness, decreased vaginal sensitivity, and chronic cystitis. It is also important to understand that sexual satisfaction should not focus solely on penetration. This depends more on the brain than on the genitals.

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Exercises at home

In the 1940s, Dr. Arnold Kegel invented a series of exercises to help strengthen the muscles under the uterus, bladder and large intestine, with the intention that men and women with problems with urinary incontinence or bowel control, can manage their condition, today they have also become an important tool to improve the sexual life of people regardless of their gender or age.

Learn how to do these vaginal strength exercises to have orgasms:

  • They can be done in many ways, although it is best to do it sitting, with the trunk slightly bent forward
  • It performs a contraction similar to the one we do when we hold urine, but avoiding movement of the buttocks, abdomen and legs
  • To make sure you are doing the right thing, insert a finger into the vagina and press it, contracting the vaginal muscles, if you feel them tense, you are doing the correct movement
  • Once you know this, start the contraction firmly for three seconds and then relax the muscles for another three seconds.
  • Repeat the movement 10 to 15 times consecutively, rest for a few minutes and do two more sets

To speed up the results, get some special cone-shaped weights for Kegel exercises or a pair of Chinese balls that you can find in sex stores.

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