Remember the loves that have passed through Ivete Sangalo’s life!

Remember the loves that have passed through Ivete Sangalo's life!

Recently, Ivete Sangalo was the subject of rumors that her marriage to Daniel Cady had come to an end, as the two were caught without an alliance and the singer was staying at her sister’s company without the company of her lover. A few days after the rumors started, however, the Bahian woman showed that everything was fine in her relationship giving a big kiss to the husband during a live. In fact, do you remember how they met? At the time, Daniel was just 23 years old and was studying Nutrition at the Federal University of Bahia. The two exchanged some e-mails about healthy eating and were introduced in person by a mutual friend – and it wasn’t long before they started dating. The couple had their first child, Marcelo, in 2009, and made the union official in 2011, becoming parents of the twins Maria and Helena in 2018. Despite having built a beautiful family, Daniel was not the only love in the life of Ivete Sangalo ! Next, remember all the affairs of the singer!


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