Reported 19 young people gathered in a 9 m2 room in a university residence in Pamplona

Reported 19 young people gathered in a 9 m2 room in a university residence in Pamplona

Foral Police denounces this weekend 93 breaches of health regulations by Covid-19

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Regional Police denounces this weekend 93 breaches of health regulations by Covid-19

In controlling compliance with current regulations with respect to the new normality, the Foral Police has carried out this weekend a total of 93 proposed sanctions.

Of them42 people have been reported for not wearing masks or doing it incorrectly, 29 for participating in large bottles, 20 for not respecting the capacity, one for smoking on public roads without respecting the safety distance and one for breaching the confinement measures.

Between Friday and Saturday, the Regional Police Command and Coordination Center has mobilized resources 23 times. By bottles to Burlada, Zizur Mayor, Ardanaz de Egués (with 10 young people reported) and in Pamplona. In the latter case, they have been denounced 19 young people who were in a university student residence in a room of 9 square meters.

Due to sanitary breaches (use of a mask and not maintaining a safety distance), agents have traveled to Huarte, Artica, Barásoain, Aizoáin, Sarriguren, Marcilla, Elizondo, Mutilva and Villafranca where patrols were mobilized to go to the Casino and check the capacity and measures sanitary, but upon the arrival of the agents the people escaped through a back door.

Due to meetings in which various sanitary regulations were breached, patrols were mobilized to two houses, in Larragueta (with 11 people reported) and Sarriguren (with nine complaints).

Patrols were also mobilized to verify breaches in bars in Mutilva, Milagro, Ororbia and Mendigorría, where the person responsible for the establishment was reported. Due to noise and annoyances to Murchante and Irurtzun and also in Berriozar, six people were denounced for consuming alcoholic beverages on public roads.

Likewise, the joint police action carried out this weekend between the Municipal Police of Pamplona and the Foral Police has resulted in a result of 104 sanction proposals, the majority to citizens for breaching the regulations and a small part to hospitality establishments.

Specifically, 101 people have been notified of a sanction: 70 for not wearing the mandatory mask, 18 for making a bottle, eight for party at home, three for smoking without respecting the safety distance, one for urinating on public roads and another for disobedience.

They have also been three hospitality establishments denounced. Two for allowing consumption at the bar and one for not respecting closing hours, the Municipal Police of Pamplona has reported.

Regarding infractions of citizenship, the police force has highlighted the complaint to eight people for celebrating a party at an address in the Iturrama neighborhood. Five young people were proposed for sanction for participating (sanction of 600 euros), and the other three were proposed for sanction as organizers (sanction of 3,001 euros each). On the other hand, three bottles were detected in the public thoroughfare in which four, six and eight young people participated, respectively, which implies a penalty of 600 euros each.

Regarding infringements of hospitality establishments, an action was carried out in an establishment in the San Juan neighborhood in which customers were detected consuming after closing hours.

The Municipal Police of Pamplona has stressed, however, that during these three nights it has been controlled compliance with the regulations in 52 hospitality establishments, verifying that “the vast majority complied with the regulations during opening hours to the public and also complied with closing hours.” The only establishments that have continued with their activity have been those that were dedicated to the delivery of food at home.

The police force has highlighted that, in general, “the vast majority of infractions are committed by a small part of the public that does not respect the established norms, and to a much lesser extent some catering establishments.”

Municipal Police have already been organizing this special security device for several weekends, with the collaboration of the Foral Police. But despite the number of sanction proposals and their high amount, “It seems that there is still a citizen group that does not respect the regulations”, has regretted.

“The data that are provided daily from the health authority are not optimistic at all, and our obligation is to avoid situations of non-compliance and report them,” said the police force, which has appealed “to citizen commitment, sanity and good sense to avoid situations that can generate new sources of contagion “.


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