Rescue and investments in Riviera Maya advance

Rescue and investments in Riviera Maya advance


Rescue and investments in Riviera Maya advance

Rescue and investments in Riviera Maya advance

Infrastructure works for an amount of 350 million pesos were delivered this Sunday by the federal government in Playa del Carmen, and the deed will be held for 3,400 homes that are currently irregular.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that in the Riviera Maya area there will be significant investments with the introduction of the Mayan Train, whose stations will become development poles.

It will be resolved by giving facilities to those who have possession of the land, they will pay a fair and reasonable amount and in installments so that they officially become owners. Many already are, but legalization is needed ”, offered the president.

Regarding the impact of the train, it was reported that around 10 billion pesos will be invested in the Riviera Maya and about 80 thousand jobs will be generated during the construction that will take two years.

The section will run parallel to the highway that runs through the Riviera Maya and efforts will be made to accelerate the works to reduce the inconvenience to the inhabitants of the region.

Well, there are going to be some difficulties, we are going to do the necessary works so that so many problems are not caused, so many annoyances, but that we are already thinking that this work is going to be done, that we are going to suffer but later we are going to have a modern way “Warned the president.

The section of the Mayan Train from Cancun to Tulum will be built by the Army.

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