Results for today, Monday, October 12, 2020

Results for today, Monday, October 5, 2020

ONCE daily coupon

ONCE daily coupon

The winning number in the draw of the ONCE of this Monday, October 12 2020 is 74364. Pay corresponds to 033. You can check all the results on the website.

The ONCE daily coupon offers Monday to Thursday, for 1.5 euros, 55 prizes of 35,000 euros at five figures. In addition, the client has the opportunity, for 0.5 euros more, to also play in the series and win ´La Paga´ of 3,000 euros per month for 25 years, which will be added to the € 35,000 prize.

The ONCE coupons they are marketed by the 20,000 selling agents. As always, thanks to the Point of Sale Terminal (POS), the customer can choose the number they like best.

ONCE Awards

  • € 35,000 at five figures.
  • € 500 to the number before and after the winner.
  • € 200 to the last four figures.
  • € 20 to the last three figures.
  • € 6 to the last two figures.
  • € 1.5 to the Reimbursement to ten thousand.
  • € 1.5 to Refund to the last figure.

Additional prizes with La Paga:

  • € 3,000 per month for 25 years at the 5 figures of the Daily Coupon and series.
  • € 0.50 to the first figure of the Daily Coupon.
  • € 0.50 to the last figure of the Daily Coupon.

In the Lotteries section of you can check the winning numbers in lotteries throughout the week.


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