return to his romantic relationships

return to his romantic relationships

Jean-Claude Van Damme celebrates his 60th birthday this Sunday. In a long interview with Paris Match Belgium, the actor confided in his age. Great seducer, he has known different relationships in his life.

When asked what it feels like to have passed the milestone of 60 years, JCVD ​​replies: ” I’m not out of breath… For me, being 60 is just a number, even though I’m aware of having aged. Don’t worry, I stuck the counter at 50. Then you’re not old at 60: you’re just becoming a middle-aged man. (…) Now, I find that I am still not bad for my age, right? »

The actor has always been a seducer. In 1986, he married bodybuilder Gladys Portugues, with whom he had two children: Kristopher (born 1987) and Bianca (born 1990). The couple then divorced in 1993 and JCVD ​​remarried Darcy Lapier in 1994. Together they had Nicholas (born 1995) but divorced three years later. The actor will finally get back into a relationship with Gladys Portugues and they will remarry in 1999. The two lovebirds almost divorced in 2015 but they finally gave it up.

“Divorce is not good for children”

“The JCVD ​​family is still strong. The children are strong, my wife is strong. There are so many divorces all over the world and it is very bad for children. It’s not fun for the children, the people, the parents… and even for the country. If people can stick together like the old days, it will make America stronger ”, said at the time.

Jean-Claude Van Damme also confided in 2012 on the short relationship he had with Kylie Minogue. They had met on the set of “Street Fighter”. ” I was in Thailand, we had a story. A sweet kiss, a magnificent night of love. It wouldn’t have been normal not to have a relationship with her: she is so beautiful, and she was in front of me all day with a beautiful smile, sympathetic, so charming, she was not playing the big stars. I showed him my Thailand … »

“My source of happiness”

Last March, the actor said about his life in California: ” I love living in Los Angeles, in my house in the hills. I feel good at home when I’m not shooting. I try to take full advantage of mine. When we are together, it is impossible to separate. My children and my wife are my source of happiness. »

Still, there are rumors that JCVD ​​has a new woman in his heart. In several photos, we see him in the company of Alena Kaverina.


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