Robinho compares himself to Bolsonaro and reveals he received support from Neymar

Danilo Avelar points Corinthians solid in defense and in search of balance

Convicted of rape at first instance in Italy, the attacker Robinho he had another chance to defend himself in an interview with Benjamin Back on Fox Sports. Center of attention throughout the week after signing a contract with Santos, subsequently suspended agreement, the player defended himself, claimed to have had consensual sex with the woman who accuses him, compared himself to the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), and said he talked to Neymar about the case.

Robinho stated that the sex performed was consensual. “The press put misrepresented things about me. But nobody said that the girl asked for R $ 3 million in the process. That nobody did,” said the athlete.

“It is very difficult for her to be drunk to not have the act, but to remember everyone. So, these stories are a little out of context. I never gave this girl a glass of drink, I failed to respect or did anything without consent. That you can be sure of, “said Robinho, who said he was being accused without evidence – the website had access to Italian court documents in which the player talks to friends through messaging apps and admits to having put his penis in mouth of the unconscious woman, intoxicated.

Asked about this, Robinho just said that oral sex is common when people are in relationships and that it was not done without the woman’s consent. He then accused people who criticize him of being hypocrites, saying that they use drugs, drink and ‘go where they shouldn’t go’.

In more than one point of the interview, Robinho criticized the Brazilian press and compared himself to the President of the Republic, who considers that he was also unfairly accused of numerous things, such as being racist or fascist. “People are judging me and attacking me the same way they do with Bolsonaro. I don’t understand why they are attacking me like this,” he criticized.

The player repeated that his biggest mistake was not respecting his wife, who had gone with him to the nightclub where the sexual act took place, but who left earlier. According to Robinho, the process was a turning point in the marriage, through which he started to respect his partner more and converted to Christianity.

In addition, Robinho was asked about Neymar. The player said he received full support from the PSG striker, with whom he played together for Santos in 2010. “He sent me a message. It is not a difficult fact to happen. It happened to Neymar. He supported me, offered to help me with people. who helped in his innocence, “said Robinho, referring to the Nájila Trindade case, in which Neymar suffered a similar charge, but nothing has been proven and the process has not progressed.

Robinho also said that there is a different weight in a woman saying that she has sex with several men and a man saying that he has sex with several women, that many women threw themselves at him in ballads and that he could not praise one without being arrested. In addition, he guaranteed that it was his own initiative to suspend the contract with Santos in order not to harm the club. Finally, he said that he hopes to be cleared and soon play football again, and asked women to wait “something definitive” before condemning him.


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