Rolls-Royce’s Illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy is illegal

Rolls-Royce's Illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy is illegal

The statuette can stay in place, but the backlight … it’s dangerous.


Rolls-Royce is well known for making your car exactly the way you want it. Do you want a dashboard made from the wood of the apple tree in your garden? No problem. Someone from Goodwood will come and shoot him. In other words, you take care of every styling detail, but in Europe most of the luxury brand’s cars are dressed relatively inconspicuously. Although: apparently, a good number of customers appreciate the customization of the emblem of the brand which sits proudly atop the huge chrome grille. You can opt for a silver, gold, or translucent, or even illuminated copy … until now at least.

Illuminated hood ornament prohibited

Many customers in Europe spend another 4,000 € to get a light version of this emblem. A possibility that is now a thing of the past. This statuette, called “Spirit of Ecstasy”, is now only available in shiny metal, and no longer in illuminated crystal. A European safety rule that came into force in 2019 explicitly states that any “illuminated hood ornament” is prohibited. The measure also appears to be having a retroactive effect, as the British brand confirmed to the Daily Mail that it is deactivating the function for existing customers. Rolls-Royce will refund the price of the option to affected customers.


Rolls-Royce is the only automaker to offer an “illuminated hood ornament” in its lineup. You are therefore entitled to wonder if the rule was written specifically for the brand and a handful of owners. It is also unclear how the subtly lit statue would affect security. The “Spirit of Ecstacy” is designed in such a way that in the event of a collision, it disappears into the grille at lightning speed. The same goes for the crystal copy. Moreover, the crystal statuette can remain in its place, if and only if it is not illuminated.


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