Romina Malaspina’s confessions: “Sensuality empowers”

Romina Malaspina's confessions:


After living a year in Madrid, Romina Malaspina (26) had returned to Argentina. It was the first months of 2020 and her idea was to put back suitcases to settle in the United States, where some projects awaited her but, like many, the pandemic also reconfigured the plans of the former Big Brother.

With his head already in another country – “I had less than a month to go and I was looking for an apartment there”, clarifies the beautiful Mar del Plata – Everything changed with the quarantine installed: although the proposal to prove herself as a Channel 26 host surprised her, Romina agreed to be part of the cycle “News from 22 to 24”, from Monday to Friday. The same program where a metallic top with transparencies, her wardrobe of the day, catapulted her to an unexpected popularity and made her the center of debate.

“I did not imagine so much commotion, especially because it was not something planned. Why did I say that going out in lolas empowers me? Because in Argentina there is still quite a macho thinking. I think if it happened in Spain nobody would have looked at me. I came from there with a more relaxed thought. Still, it is true that I got out of hand with the studio lights, which played against me. Before I had looked in the mirror and the top did not look so like that, but they were more subtle transparencies. Beyond the fact that it was a wardrobe error, you cannot criticize or judge the other without knowing “, acknowledges Malaspina, who in the face of the criticism he received, especially from some colleagues, affirms:” I would have defended them, you should not throw yourself away stones between women. There are many with macho thinking still. Despite everything, I am super happy with what I am learning on the channel and with the colleagues I have. ”

Romina Malaspina

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Romina Malaspina

After going through the 2015 edition of Big Brother, Romina did magazine and season theater in Mar del Plata. She was also a notera for “El Garage TV.” “I like challenges and demanding myself. I’m not afraid to take risks with a new project even if I don’t know about it. I like to gamble. I was always very bossy. I’m letting life take me That is why later I settled in Chile to be part of a reality show and then I accepted ̈Supervivientes, ”another reality show that is recorded in Honduras and is broadcast throughout Spain, where it is a widely watched program. It was something extreme, but incredible, “says the model and influencer, whose Instagram today boasts almost two and a half million followers.

Portrayed for CARAS in Studio 04, Romina talked about her health and beauty formulas. “After ̈Survivors ̈, in which I lost 9 kilos, I took a sports nutrition course. This is how I learned to eat better. I don’t diet, but I eat healthy and I also indulge in some chocolate. I get up and train in the morning and with the elliptical machine, which has little impact and is very complete. And not much else; maybe some sit-ups or squats, ”he explains.

Owner of a highly praised waistline, she is recognized as “obsessive” with beauty care, which she does not hesitate to share on social networks, where many women follow her. “Everyday

I take a collagen pill and a biotin gummy for my nails, hair and skin. I really enjoy being at home quietly and doing those little aesthetic things,

and more now that I do everything at home. For the waist I use a shaping girdle, which also helps me to keep my back straight, because I am very hunched, ”says Malaspina, who also referred to her aesthetic transformation after several surgeries. “I bank a lot so that each person does what they want to be better, to seek well-being. I did my nose, the lolas and I get acid

hyaluronic in the mouth, which goes away every three four months ”, he admits. And about her sexy profile, she assures: “Do I feel that my sensuality empowers me? I think so, because it seems to me that there

like a stigma. If a girl is cute or sensual, they call her hollow, caring a lot about aesthetics, and empowered women can do everything. They can dress up, be pretty, and do what they like. It is a complement. Each one has to go as they are happy, as they feel comfortable. I would not focus so much on the other, but on myself, on what I want to change, but on myself ”, says Romina, whose routines today add up to Mia, the kitten she adopted recently, and a few hours dedicated to her side “gamer”. “I started when I was very young. I played games on cyber with my brother and friends and I was just another kid. I play many: Counter Strike, CGT in all versions, Diablo, Need for speed, Call of Dutty or Fornite ”, he clarifies.

Romina Malaspina

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Romina Malaspina

Regarding love, Malaspina confesses not being in a couple, nor wanting one. A toxic relationship and a lot of jealousy from an ex, he said, would seem to be some of the reasons. “Today I don’t have that desire, I run away from him. I’m not wanting to fall in love I was a girlfriend for many years, from 15 to 24 years old. Not with the same person, but in three long relationships. Maybe I start talking to someone and when I feel like it can be done I run away. I found that I am even much more productive when I am alone. Maybe the ideal person did not come to me, that

that it empowers me and that I think similar to me “, admits the driver.

– Would you accept to have an open relationship?

–It depends, if it is with respect, I would say yes. Maybe if it’s a quiet relationship, one that doesn’t interfere with my

work, could be. I have already experienced being with a toxic and jealous person. That something that affected me a lot and I do not want to repeat. I think that is why today I am afraid of being in a couple. Today I do not want to live together or have an intense relationship. It’s happening to me that I’m really enjoying being alone.


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