Rudy Giuliani’s daughter calls for the election of Joe Biden

Rudy Giuliani's daughter calls for the election of Joe Biden

Rudy Giuliani is the President’s “personal bulldog”

“Rudy Giuliani is my father. I ask you all to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” is the headline of the article published by the magazine on Thursday (October 15th). In it, the film producer speaks openly about the difficult relationship with her father. “We are multiverse apart. Politically and otherwise”. Her words also make it clear that she does not like to be associated with the former “polarizing mayor” who has become the “personal bulldog of the president”.

Then the 31-year-old describes her reasons why she does not support her father’s boyfriend, but his direct political opponent Biden and his vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris (55). “Trump and the people who enabled him have used his presidency to fuel the injustice that has already permeated our society,” writes Giuliani, also referring to the corona pandemic and racism in the United States. The incumbent president “downplayed and ignored” the threat posed by the virus and used rhetoric that “fed deep-seated, systemic racism”.

The USA is “hanging on the edge of a cliff”

At the end of her guest post, Giuliani warns urgently another four years before the “reign of terror” of Donald Trump. “We’re hanging on the edge of a cliff with a single slipping finger and the fall will be fatal.” She herself could “perhaps not change the mind” of her father Rudy Giuliani, but together the nation could “elect this poisonous government out of office”. “If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that anything can happen.”


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