Russo aimed against River and Boca

Russo aimed against River and Boca

Nicolás Russo was tough against the greats.

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Nicolás Russo was tough against the greats.

The cake, the blessed cake, is what is again under discussion in Argentine football. Since the news broke that the professional soccer league unilaterally broke the contract with Fox Sports, that the issue of TV was on everyone’s lips again. It was Nicolás Russo, the president of Lanús, who aimed against the two largest teams, which do not accompany the rest of the First Division clubs.

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“The AFA commission is participatory whether or not they are River and Boca. They are the ones who have the most call, but they cannot play alone. The differences increased, we are going back to the 50s or 60s, with terrible differences in money between them and the rest. If we do not balance we are complicated. Boca and River were announced, everyone knew, “Russo said on TyC Sports. And he added respecting the termination of the relationship with Fox Sports:” The merger (with ESPN) was not accepted. Neither AFA nor Liga were notified. We authorize the president to renegotiate the contract with the other chain, but this does not mean that we will close now or within a week. What we are charging for TV has nothing to do with what we should be receiving. They are very low values. We should be tripling what we earn on TV. “

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With Boca and River making the effort to continue having more benefits than the rest, the garnet leader did not turn around when shooting. “These clubs are important, who is going to deny it. It was seen in 2009, when the contract to go to Football for All was broken. Boca and river received part of silver in other concepts with the company that they had the rights, for publicity and other things. There are 100 pesos, you have to distribute them among the 24 clubs. We do not want there to be a negotiation outside. We want to do things in a transparent way ”.

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Finally, he spoke about the different needs that are experienced in Argentine soccer. “Boca and River have a strategy together and it is good that they have it. This also happened with international rights. Tapia listens to everyone, but the 24 teams cannot be satisfied. There are different interests. The reality of Lanús is not the same as that of River or Boca. We will not always coincide. If they have a better proposal, how can we not accept it. They want more money, it’s my opinion. ”


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