RWDM supporters should shy away from Seraing’s reception

RWDM supporters should shy away from Seraing's reception

The health measures taken by the government are not to the liking of BrusselsPower 2005 and the stands should be more empty than usual.

RWDM - Cork

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RWDM – Cork

RWDM face RFC Seraing at home on Sunday, but the match is expected to attract fewer fans than expected. In fact, in a statement posted on social networks, the group of supporters BrusselsPower 2005 announced that it would not be present at the stadium given the health measures put in place by the government.

“Our group has decided to no longer be officially represented in the stands and therefore to stop its activities in the stands temporarily”, we can read.

“Despite everything, we will show our support for our club and our team through various actions so that they can collect as many points as possible in this championship.”


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