Sarah Kern: Secret wedding in Malta!

Sarah Kern: Secret wedding in Malta!

All good things come in threes – and that’s exactly why fashion designer has Sarah Kern (51) said “yes” for the third time. She said yes to her fiancé Matthew Cardona (42) after only a few months of relationship.

Sarah Kern

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Sarah Kern

At the end of May, Sarah announced that after two months of relationship they applied of the businessman accepted. On October 10th, 2020 the two finally got married in Malta. On Instagram she tells about her wedding: “It was so beautiful. Like a fairy tale. Like a fairy wedding. So beautiful.”

Sarah Kern: Great change! This is what Sarah Kern used to look like



The wedding of the two is said to have taken place on a small scale. In addition to the bride and groom, only the two groomsmen and the designer’s sons were there.

So far there are no pictures of the wedding (officially). On Whatsapp, however, the bride already changed her user photo. She wears a two-piece lace ensemble on it. Tight long skirt and the matching top with long sleeves.

Sarah Kern’s ex-husbands

From 1995 to 1999 Sarah Kern worked with the late fashion designer Otto Kern († 67) married. With him she has son Olivier (28). She then married in 2008 Goran Munižaba, the father of her son Romeo (13). This marriage ended after only two years together.Type change at Sarah Kern? This is how it used to look:

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