save lives. Every just battle is self-sufficient

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Dear manager,

Father Alex Zanotelli says that: «Saving human lives is what the state should do and it is not doing. It is serious that it remains inside this stuff, it is not tolerable, you have to shout it out loudly ». And speaking of the policy set in the first part of the legislature and which, in part, is also applied today, he adds: «The serious problem is that it is not possible to continue to keep NGO ships in ports for futile reasons. Also in this period, between 14 and 24 September, 200 people died at sea. There is still a policy that cannot be accepted, it must be said clearly. Even more serious then continue to finance the Libyan Coast Guard ». Then we must add that every day – every day! – in Italy 218 children are aborted with state abortion (ie paid for by all citizens). Father Zanotelli is right when he says that “Saving human lives is what the state should do and it does not do”.

Gabriele Soliani, Reggio Emilia

“Saving lives is what the state should do and it doesn’t.” Or it doesn’t do enough. Father Zanotelli says it and I say it too, kind and dear Doctor Soliani. And I also think that neither the State, through those who represent it, nor people of conscience can speak badly and act badly towards those who save human lives. At sea, on land, in all circumstances. I know that you, as a doctor, are sincerely and deeply aware of it, that you have indeed voted your existence and your professionalism to this. This is something that – on a general level – concerns us all and concerns migrants and unwelcome children, the last ones without a social role and without care and abused women … That is, it concerns all the situations in which – I use words that Pope Francis on 11 January 2016 addressed the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See and which the pontiff has taken up in the encyclical All brothers (19) just addressed to the whole world – “people are no longer felt as a primary value to be respected and protected, especially if poor or disabled,” if they are not yet needed “- like the unborn -, or” they are no longer needed ” – like the elderly ».

We cannot resign ourselves to such a waste of humanity, to such clear and grave injustices. This is the reason why as citizens and Christians, even before being journalists, on these pages of “Avvenire” we support the action of the Life Aid Centers and defend the choices of doctors who withconscientious objection they resist the logic and practice of abortion. Just as we support the action of missionaries, volunteers and cooperators alongside the life of the poorest and persecuted in every part of the world and we defend the precarious and uprooted lives of refugees and migrants by supporting civil objections to uncivil rules that, formally or surreptitiously, they try to apply against these human beings guilty only of having to leave the land where they were born.

There is a decisive point that I would like, even as editor of this newspaper, for everyone to be clear: there is no need every time to “justify” in words this or that part of the integral commitment to life by recalling – to make a not accidental example – the “no” to abortion together with the “yes” to the rescue of people in danger at sea. Consistency of commitment is essential. Yet every just battle is self-sufficient. Only in this way can we continue to fight with disarmed and disarming determination, capable of “winning” when it is – because it will – not for ourselves, but for those who have no power and no voice.


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