“Security is one of the pillars of civil society”


“The issue of safety at work is in fact one of the pillars on which a society that defines itself as advanced, modern, civilized, cannot fail to stand. In 2020, suffer a disabling injury or, worse still, lose your life while doing your job it can no longer be considered acceptable. ” So Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the letter sent to the President of Anmil, Zoello Forni, on the occasion of the 70th National Day for the Victims of Work Accidents, which is celebrated today.


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“Last Monday I handed over the residence permit to Chintia, widow of Thomas Daniel, the 41-year-old worker who died last June 1, together with his colleague Ciro Perrucci, while working on a construction site in Pianura on the outskirts of Naples – he wrote again the Prime Minister – In this regard, I confirm the institutions’ utmost determination to identify the necessary tools, so that in our country no one can be the victim of an accident at work “.

Bettoni: “Health emergency has changed priorities related to health and safety”

“By analyzing the latest data available – declared the president of Inail, Franco Bettoni – we realize how the health emergency has influenced the accident trend and changed the priorities related to the health and safety of citizens and workers. At 31 August 2020 – he explained – the reports of accidents at work presented to Inail were 322,132, down by 22.7% compared to 2019. Taking into consideration the total of infections of professional origin from Covid-19, equal to 52,209 – he added – 71.3% concerns women. As regards fatal cases, in the first eight months of 2020 there were a total of 823 deaths, with an increase of 20.1% compared to the same period of 2019, while 303 complaints for Covid were concentrated above all among men (84%). So – he concluded – on the one hand, the sharp decrease in accident reports is unfortunately due to the closure of more risk during lockdown. On the other hand, this new type of injury has caused a considerable increase in fatal cases, mainly concentrated in the health sector “.

Between January and November 2019 deaths touched the 1,000 mark

Between January and November of 2019 the deaths touched the 1,000 threshold: behind the chill of the numbers it dramatically means that 997 people died while doing their work, while 590 thousand were reported to Inail in the same period.

Catalfo: “Training and information activities aimed at combating injuries”

“Unfortunately, there is no going back but, looking to the future, I will do my best to win the challenge of reducing accidents at work. We will not be able to eliminate them but we have a duty to reduce them. An effective action to counter this dramatic phenomenon is only possible through targeted training and information “. To speak the Minister of Labor, Nunzia Catalfo. “Controls must be coordinated, supervision must be strengthened, prevention must always take place and everywhere”, he added. “It is a great challenge that we can face by joining forces, with Inail, with the National Labor Inspectorate, with Anmil and with other associations that have the strength to pursue a topic that seems far away and which then instead affects us close, it touches our families closely, it conditions their entire journey “, concludes Catalfo.


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