See crocheted looks to lose your fear and join fashion!

See crocheted looks to lose your fear and join fashion!

Crochet comes into fashion bringing a boho charm to the looks of fashionistas. Handmade weaving is on the rise in fashion shows around the world, gaining predominance in accessories. With the arrival of spring / summer, the artisanal technique stands out for including a natural vibe and beachy in elegant productions. In addition to betting on earrings and bags, don’t forget to invest in “net” skirts, tops and bikinis, okay? Check out the tips to use now!

Crochet bag is a hit!

How about bringing a handmade air for that elegant silk look or that sexy low-cut blouse? The crochet bag can be your ally! The accessory appeared in several proposals from budget bag to designs without handles, which are the trend of the season. Among the highlights, invest in pieces with a mix of dots and colors, combine braiding with metals and adopt the elongated rectangular shape. Fringed models are also a stylish option.

Crochet earring, bracelet and necklace: keep an eye on the trend

And, since we are talking about consultancy, it is clear that the earrings, bracelets and necklaces were not left out. Crochet also stood out in these small items to give the handmade charm. The braid appears in the items in more sober tones, ensuring the elegant air.

Trends meeting: bucket hat integrates crochet fashion

The bucket hat doesn’t come out of fashionistas’ heads, having been joined by famous as Geisy Arruda and Mel Maia. Now, the hat is also part of yet another trend: crochet! It is worth investing in models that combine both styles in bright colors. Feel free to bet on a monochromatic piece or a mix of patterns.

Dresses and skirts with crochet ‘nets’ are pure style!

When it comes to clothes, crochet appears in a broad and maximal form, following an aesthetic similar to a “net”. Monochromatic, this bet adds elegance and is seen in shades close to brown and gold. In addition to the dresses, how about combining a skirt and blouse outfit? If you’re looking for a more daring look, bet on colorful crochet, but don’t forget to mix details in flowers, wefts and different stitches.

Colorful top is the face of Spring / Summer

The top is highlighted on the catwalk and is the face of summer. The model appears in very bright and colorful tones, without many details and showing the curves. It is worth including the trend also in bikinis that are the face of the season.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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