Sensible or bullshit? We clarify!

 Sensible or bullshit? We clarify!

Cheat Days have long been celebrated as THE miracle cure for the dream body. Absurd diet trend or sensible thing? COSMO does the check!

Cheat Days

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Cheat Days

A young woman is sitting at the table. In front of her mountains of chocolate, chips and pizza with a greasy cheese crust. The feeding orgy can begin – but only after a photo has been posted on Instagram. To stay in the picture: #cheatday snapshots are on the rise on social media. People who cheat like to show what they are eating. After all, they don’t always eat this way. Your nutritional principle: six days super healthy and calorie-conscious – everything you want on the seventh day. We wondered? Are Cheat Days really that useful? Or is it all just nonsense? The answer …

Cheat Days: How do they affect our metabolism?

Can you really maintain your weight with the principle of the Cheat Day or even? lose weight? To be able to answer that, you have to know how our organism works: All processes are controlled by the metabolism. That is our engine and food is its gasoline. If the engine is fed a rich mixture of gasoline, it will run at full speed and process everything we eat and drink. When we are on a diet we suddenly eat less than that body needs to maintain all vital functions, he panic – and switches to survival mode. That means it slows down the metabolism, burns only a little and stores as much as possible as fat reserves on the hips.

Cheat Days: What Are They Really Bringing?

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You can actually prevent this with regular Cheat Days. Because the rich meals signal to the body “You are not in need and do not have to secure any reserves”. Consequence: The metabolism continues to run at full speed, burns fat – and you have plenty of energy. Perfect to really get started with training. Another Advantage of cheat days: It is not so difficult for you to eat super healthy the other six days. After all, you know: “Soon I can enjoy exactly what I want again.” And after the Cheat Day you start the next one highly motivated six days. Jackpot!

Cheat Days: What should you watch out for?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, unfortunately there is a little catch. It’s different from what many Instagram posts show: Even on Cheat Day you shouldn’t cram yourself endlessly – because that can quickly undo the efforts of the last six days. Example: A 70-pound woman who does one hour twice a week Sport has a calorie requirement of around 2,200 calories per day, i.e. 15,400 per week. If she wants to keep her weight, they must not be exceeded.

But if she consumes 10,000 calories on Cheat Day alone, there will only be a meager 5,400 for the remaining six days. Makeable? Hardly likely. If you want to lose weight, you would even have to consume fewer calories than are burned. Otherwise you won’t lose any weight. Basic rule number 1!


Treat yourself to a cheat day a week. And then eat exactly what you want. Doesn’t count calories. But: listen to your hunger. Only eat until you are full. After all, it’s about enjoyment – not about quantity 🙂


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