she confides like never before about her parents

she confides like never before about her parents

© Berzane Nasser / ABACA

Very discreet about her private life, the singer Louane is keen to keep her garden a secret even if she regularly shares things with her many fans, such as the birth of his daughter Esme last March. A choice of life that does not date from yesterday since the young woman has always refused to expand on the subject of her parents, both of whom died a few years apart. Why ? Quite simply because she does not see the point of talking about their death, if it is not to serve a very specific cause.

Rare and touching secrets

In her edition of October 10, the singer Louane confided in Le Figaro and still made a small exception since she has mentioned his parents as she had never done before, delivering some very intimate details to pay tribute to their courage and strength of character. About her father, she explains in particular that he cooked very well and had a sense of hospitality: “He cooked Flemish carbonade as well as kluski, Polish dumplings and rissois, Portuguese croquettes. ”

Louane also specified that his two parents had always been hard workers, who “killed each other”.

One thing is certain, and she does not hide it, it is from them that she draws all her strength and courage in the face of the trials of life.


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