She talks about her mother’s sudden death

She talks about her mother's sudden death

“Finally everything was fine” – so begins one of the saddest chapters in the autobiographical new book by ex-GZSZ-Star Nina Bott (42), “I’m a dream woman – or what is it called when you’re always tired?” Because there the 42-year-old reports how her parents died in quick succession, just when it seemed that her life was back on balance.

Nina Bott

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Nina Bott

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Because Nina’s mother Gundi (†) had been an alcoholic, but had suddenly given up drinking when her grandson Lennox (now 16) was born. “Celebrating my son’s first birthday with my sober mother was one of the most beautiful moments of my life,” writes Nina.

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In August Nina had to let go of her Lennox with a heavy heart: He went to California. You can find out more about this in the video below.

Nina Bott’s mother died on her birthday

But the family happiness should not last long. “On my 27th birthday, my mother died unexpectedly in her sleep at the age of 51,” reports Nina. The birthday was just a few days after her son’s, on New Years. Her father Günther (†) had first called to say that he and Gundi would be late for coffee because she was still asleep. When she still hadn’t got up an hour later, he called again and Nina said half jokingly: “You, go ahead and see if she’s still breathing and if you can get her awake.”

But Gundi fell asleep forever. The woman, who suffered from diabetes from alcohol and anorexia, had suffered fatal hypoglycaemia overnight, as it was later discovered. The death was “a huge shock” to the actress. “My mother had only just found her way out of the black hole in which she had been trapped for so long – and now she was no longer there, could no longer enjoy the good times. That thought felt absolutely terrible.”

Ex-GZSZ star: “Lennox was my little lifesaver”

Her little son helped Nina during this difficult time: “The only thing that gave me energy in this phase was my son. Lennox was my little lifesaver, the engine that got me through these dark times. I knew he needed me, and giving up wasn’t an option. So I just kept going as best I could. “

But the next shock should not be long in coming. This time too, Nina did not lose heart: “I retained this positive attitude towards life and all its ups and downs when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer soon after.” Her father Günther did well, did not give up and, thanks to good doctors, was able to stay with his loved ones for a while. “It wasn’t until six years later that his health quickly went downhill. He didn’t tell us how bad it really was in the end, because he probably wanted to protect us from the worst.” When it came to an end, Nina couldn’t be with him in his last moments. She actually shot on Mallorca for “Forbidden love“:” I only accepted this job because my father had led me to believe that he was fine. “Nina came to Hamburg immediately when her father felt worse, but because the doctor assumed that he would still be a few weeks she flew back to Spain. Hardly landed, a call came that her father is worse. Less than half an hour later he was dead. Not even her brother, who lived nearby, could say goodbye.

Nina Bott: “Losing my parents was indescribably painful”

“In retrospect, I think that my father wanted it that way. Just as he did not tell us how bad he was really, he hadn’t wanted us around in his last hours. He didn’t want to do that to us.” Nina says today: “Losing my parents was indescribably painful. But it also taught me a lot about life.”

Nina not only shares such experiences with her fans, but also such happy ones as the summer photo in the video below. However, the fans see a danger there.

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