Sick leave by phone – possible again soon

Sick leave by phone - possible again soon

You can take sick leave for up to 14 days - without going to the doctor.

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You can take sick leave for up to 14 days – without going to the doctor.

How you can soon get yourself sick again without going to the doctor – and why it is a good decision to do the same when in doubt.

Cough, runny nose, hoarseness? In the case of more simple illnesses, for which you do not necessarily need a doctor to cure them, it will be possible again from Monday, October 19, to get sick leave without going to the doctor. This can be done by phone for up to seven days due to the increasing corona numbers – and was already possible in the spring in a similar form. A one-time extension by telephone is also possible if the patient has to cure the cold for longer. You can stay away from work for a maximum of 14 days without visiting a doctor.

The deadlines until when you have to do this, however, does not change: the employer must have received the certificate of incapacity for work (also AU or “yellow certificate”) by the third day of illness. In the interests of good cooperation, it is also important to inform the employer immediately about the notification of illness. But there are also employers who require a corresponding certificate on the first day of illness – your employment contract regulates more details.

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The aim is to reduce the possibility of infection

The aim of the measure, which then applied until the end of May and was only to be continued on a regional level afterwards, was to prevent corona sufferers from infecting other patients in the waiting rooms. First of all, the decision is to be carried out by the end of the year, as Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had already announced this week. It was initiated by the Federal Joint Committee on Health, which includes representatives from doctors, clinics and statutory health insurance companies.

The procedure proposed by the Federal Ministry of Health is somewhat unrealistic: “For sick leave without visiting the doctor, doctors should convince themselves of the patient’s condition by means of a detailed questioning on the phone,” it says.

According to the AOK Federal Association, there were more days of sick leave among employees in March and April of this year than the average for the past ten years AOK also reports that between May and August the number of sick leave fell significantly. This was explained, for example, by the fact that more people work for themselves in the home office and that people are currently more cautious about infection anyway.

The bottom line, as the evaluations of sick days over the year show, there are many indications that both doctors and the working population deal responsibly with the new option. The notification does not yet explicitly state whether all of this also applies to the sick leave of children whose parents have to stay at home for care.


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