‘Simples Assim’ takes to the stage chronicles of Martha Medeiros about a country on the verge of lack of control

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While the city’s stages await the safe moment to receive the public, other places are serving as shelter. Starting with the internet, in this old and rediscovered space of expression, virtual montages are on the agenda.

The theater that was made in season, from Thursday to Sunday, started to be present online, now available to a connected public. A changing art or, as you think Julia Lemmertz, “A theater that still asks for the meeting”.

On Friday, 9, the actress debuted in That simple, a mutation of the show inspired by two collections of Martha Medeiros, broadcast by Bradesco Seguros on its YouTube channel. “In the distance, the desire to participate in culture and art remains. For professionals in the sector, even more, because it has to do with survival ”, continues Julia.

Before the show with Pedroca Monteiro and Georgiana Góes won a digital version, That simple was in season in Rio, when he was suspended due to the pandemic, along with other projects by the director Ernesto Piccolo. “All theatrical creation and production has been achieved. We have an impact on teaching too ”, says the school teacher Tablado.

When migrating to the online environment, Piccolo says that, in the last few months, he managed to keep the classes of students, albeit in a smaller size. “We had to develop other approaches, change the structure of the classes and be more in touch with the students.” From the experience of teaching through the screen, the director says that the change helped Simples Assim to take its first steps in the new version. “I approached colleagues who have been working in this environment for a longer time. I became technological and the theater needs that too ”, he comments.

Despite the innocent title, Simples Assim makes humor with the hottest Brazilian news. The montage does not give rest to current politics and recreates, in narratives, the chaos installed, says Julia. “It all starts with a journalist who reads the main headlines of the day, between environmental tragedies and political corruption.” In the interpretation of Pedroca Monteiro, with each dark headline, the journalist goes into crisis, his eyes fill with tears, in front of the screens. “Given the proportions, we are at war. It seems that we entered a bubble for the Middle Ages. It changed for everyone ”, points out the actress.

For the director, there is also the presence of television language, which has long been a format that questions humor in media communication. “If you consider that the theater is a box with actors playing characters, it is not far from the same reasoning online.”

In the staging for the stage, the trio took turns in several characters, signaled by wigs and wigs. In one scene, Julia and Georgiana are blond and exchange advice and tips on confinement, always on the verge of being out of control. The online version, on the other hand, demanded team involvement in all stages of distance creation.

Each member of the cast had to create their own set, manipulating elements of the scene and costumes. “I used to position the cameras, the light and the chroma key by myself”, explains Julia. “In some scenes, we use resources and images from videoconferencing, or from a video call.” For the director, one of the challenges was to unite the trio in history. “It is not a matter of reproducing the piece, because it was created for the stage. In addition to reducing the duration, we chose scenes that could maintain the main idea, in addition to streamlining. In the theater, for example, there were always two actors on the scene. At the end of each one, one left, and the third came. In the virtual, it doesn’t happen the same way. ”

For the online version, Julia left the confinement at the far site and returned to the capital of Rio. “Of course, I was very insecure. After the pandemic, I never thought I could look at the city in any other way. I no longer see myself living in Rio. ”

Piccolo managed to play the season of other suspended pieces, such as DPA – The Play – A Mystery in Theater, in Drive-in format, at Allianz Parque, on the 11th and 12th. “It is not very simple to make adaptations, the important thing is to be with a team, and the theater allows this condition.”

New book

The Brazilian writer Martha Medeiros should publish later this month The Clarity Outside, by the publisher L&PM, a fiction that was born from a script written in 2017, according to information from the staff of Simples Assim.

On the reverse of a film, Martha rescued the script and adapted the story of a 66-year-old woman who lives alone with her husband. Events will force the lady to return to socializing, along with a secret that explains the reason for her life in seclusion. “It is about the insanity that can affect us”, says the author. “Even though they are ‘normal’ people, everyone can someday go crazy.”



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