Sion and Lausanne failed to decide

Sion and Lausanne failed to decide

At the end of a small derby attended by 2,850 spectators, the Valais club failed to take advantage of the expulsion of captain Kukurozevic. The visitors left the best impression.

Despite the expulsion of Lausanne's Stjepan Kukuruzovic, FC Sion conceded the draw at Tourbillon against Lausanne-Sport. (KEYSTONE / Cyril Zingaro)

Despite the expulsion of Lausanne’s Stjepan Kukuruzovic, FC Sion conceded the draw at Tourbillon against Lausanne-Sport. (KEYSTONE / Cyril Zingaro)

Even though Lausanne was making this Sunday a Tourbillon path that it had not taken since February 18, 2018 (defeat 3-1), FC Sion for its part found its audience – in reality, its subscribers – in a stadium where capacity has now been limited to 5,300 places in coronavirus mode. But these double reunions were overshadowed by the appearance of Covid-19 within the Valais workforce.

Iapichino and Martic absent

After the announcement Thursday of a first case affecting a member of his staff, the situation, which was believed to be under control a few hours earlier, deteriorated at the start of the weekend following the discovery of a positive case in one player, immediately placed in isolation, which was to lead to the quarantine of four other players. The club not having communicated on Saturday evening the identity of the players concerned, it was necessary to wait until receiving the official match sheet to try to find the prohibited elements of derby following a decision of the cantonal doctor. A guessing game concerning most certainly in priority Iapichino and Martic, the two sides usually starting and announced injured, as well as perhaps among others Andersson.

Beyond knowing who could be infected, all this must of course have disrupted the preparation of the Romand derby for Valaisans presenting themselves with Musa Araz, their latest recruit, at kickoff. It is in any case one of the explanations, but not the only one, of the very weak first half of FC Sion, accusing a worrying technical waste, under the pressure of Vaud and showing itself unable to approach the opposing sixteen meters . A kind of flashback for a formation which we liked to emphasize the more playful aspect at the start of the championship.

The tone of LS

Quite the opposite, in reality, of an LS that appeared to be much more enterprising, finding the intervals. While the visitors could rely on the fluidity of their game, their host failed to ensure the transitions, bring life to the ball and their envy. Did Sion fear the neo-promoted so much that he had to stammer his fundamentals? Failing to vibrate and to know the great thrill of pleasure, the (thin) public had to be content to live on expedients. Result of this lack of Valais percussion: Diaw had no stopping to make during the initial 45 minutes while Joël Monteiro could blame himself for not having concluded a model action (42nd, Fickentscher for a corner). A few seconds later, Lausanne failed to translate its very large hold on the notice board.

Considering what the Contini players had proposed so far, one came to think that they had perhaps let their luck slip by lacking ambition and determination in the zone of truth. Especially since as soon as the resumption, Turkes, arrived alone from the left, crossed his attempt too much. A match made in the form of a new foul by Kukurozevic, however, would revive Sion in an unexpected way. Shortly before the hour mark, the expulsion of the LS captain following a second yellow toast (fault on Tosetti) was going to dampen the enthusiasm of Vaud somewhat.

Diaw saves a hair

On a subtle deviation from Hoarau, Karlen finally offered Tourbillon to applaud his first opportunity (67th, recovery in force at the side). Before Diaw, on the deflection of one of his defenders, grabbed the ball right on his line, which the eyes of the VAR had to confirm. On both sides, we were then entitled to emotions, passion and fair play for an exciting end to the derby.

However, despite a final Valais rush and a double opportunity offered to Guessand, no goal was to fall. Morality? Grosso’s players have still not won after four days while those of Contini have preserved their invincibility. While Lausanne will probably not be able to go next Sunday to the banks of the Rhine to face Basel there following the quarantine of the Rhine formation, Sion will receive Servette in a week for the rebirth of the Rhone derby.

In the other match this Sunday afternoon, Lucerne and St. Gallen left back to back but scoring four goals (2-2). Peter Zeidler’s men therefore retain their leadership position.

Sion – Lausanne 0-0

Tourbillon, 2850 spectators. Arbitre: M. Dudic.

Sion: Fickentscher; Theler, Bamert, Ndoye, Abdellaoui (88th Patrick); Serey Die; Grgic (60th Hoarau), Araz; Tosetti (77th Khasa), Karlen (88th André), Baltazar (60th Itaitinga). Coach: F. Grosso.Lausanne: Diaw; Jens, E. Monteiro, Loosli; Boranijasevic, Puertas, Kukurozevic, Flo; Schneuwly (83e Geissmann); J. Monteiro (60e Bars), Turkes (83e Guessand). Entraîneur: G. Contini.Notes: Sion without Kabashi (injured), Andersson, Iapichino, Martic (announced injured), Zock, Clemenza, Uldrikis (?). Lausanne without Trazie, Rapp, Falk, Zohouri (injured), Gétaz, Koura (not summoned), nor Nanizayamo (suspended).Expulsion: 56th Kukurozevic (foul on Tosetti, 2nd warning).Warnings: 36e Kukurozevic, 45e Jens, 89e Boranijasevic.


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